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Innovation Diagnostics offers a wide range of reagents and culture media for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Clinical and veterinary markets.

Our innovative line of long life media for the pharmaceutical industry, the Dilubag system for the integration of ready to use broth with our sample prep solution are only few examples of the scope of our product portfolio. Our partnership with renowned manufacturers such as AES Chemunex and LAB M allow us to offer a unique blend of conventional, chromogenic and long life media for a wide range of Industrial and clinical applications.

Our new partner, Serum Staten Institute (SSI) brings to the table a unique portfolio of antisera for the further identification of relevant pathogens. SSI offers more than 250 types of antisera making it the largest selection available worldwide.

Take a look at our Allergens and Mycotoxins section to discover a complete range of ELISA based kits for the detection of specific allergens and mycotoxins in product matrix and environmental samples. Our suppliers are recognized internationally and provide best of class products that delivers peace of mind and cost effectiveness.