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Innovation Diagnostics and LABPLAS join forces to offer Industrial Microbiology laboratories a wide range of blender bags for various applications such as the dilution and enrichment of food samples.

SECURE-T Blender Bags and FILTRA-BAGS provide a malleable yet durable and contaminant-free container for the even blending of your samples. Uniform sample distribution ensures that your extraction is an accurate subset of your original sample. Applications vary from general blending purposes to sample preparation for analysis testing. 

Our new optional vertical write-on strip makes it easy to label the bag for storage and you can still see the entire length of the contents.

The SECURE-T product is available with standard 3 thousandths of an inch or optional 4 thousandths of an inch wall thickness, made to handle the most robust blending applications. We use heat extruded virgin polyethylene tubing which guarantees internal sterility and eliminates the need for side seals. 

In addition to superior wall strength, SECURE-T blender bags have a patented sterile barrier tear-off top which ensures internal sterility right up until the time of use. SECURE-T bags are available for all size blenders.

The SECURE-T Blender Bags are now available in a new, compact and easy to use SECURE-STRIP dispenser. This new approach to the conventional blender bag packaging offers a quicker access at all time.  

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