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Globe Glass Lab Glassware Gold Standards:

Premium Raw Materials - Globe Glass lab glassware is made exclusively from ASTM E438, Type I, Class A, 3.3 borosilicate glass for excellent resistance to thermal shock and high chemical resistance to most acids, alkalis, and solvents.

GlassGuard Packaging – Engineered to meet the hazards and rigors of transportation, GlassGuard packaging protects Globe Glass laboratory glassware during shipment.  Robust packaging designs begin at the pack level and extend to the full case packaging.  Heavy duty, multi-layered corrugated container systems meet rigid quality standards and testing protocols to provide exceptional protection from damage, even in the small parcel shipping environment.

ASTM Compliant Designs – Globe Glass lab glassware meets applicable ASTM standards for volume, shape, dimensions, graduation markings, and calibration.  These ASTM standards are clearly marked for easy confirmation that each piece of Globe Glass laboratory glassware will meet the needs of laboratory professionals.

Precision Manufacturing – Computer controlled, automated production lines ensure that Globe Glass laboratory glassware has consistent wall thickness, flat bottoms free of striations, and precise forming of rims and spouts.

White Enamel Marking – Permanent white enamel markings are ASTM compliant and easy to read.  Dual metric scale graduations are included on most items for easy reference while filling or dispensing.  Most Globe Glass laboratory glassware item includes a large, convenient marking area for coding or identification.

Quality Systems – Globe Glass laboratory glassware is manufactured under stringent quality controls.  Manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified and in-house calibration is performed in an ISO 17025 certified laboratory.

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