Highly sensitive, extremely accurate: Memmert lab incubator I

In the laboratory, the Memmert incubator I is ideal for all applications with temperatures up to +80°C – specifically for incubating living cultures at +37 °C. Thanks to the finely-tuned control technology, critical temperature overshoots are completely ruled out, valuable loads are therefore warmed up particularly carefully in this highly precise microbiological incubator.

Memmert incubator I – a gentle force in the laboratory

To guarantee optimum air circulation in the incubator chamber even when it is fully loaded, both model variants SingleDISPLAY and TwinDISPLAY are available with an adjustable air fan. Since our unique all-round surface heating is optimally geared to both natural convection and forced air circulation, the fan can be switched off entirely for sensitive samples and for samples which may not be exposed to air turbulence.

SingleDISPLAY for standard applications

Temperature, air flap position and fan speed remain at a constant value throughout your process? You have no need for ramp programming or loops? You only have to dry insensitive materials and require neither multiple overtemperature protection nor a technically complex alarm system? Then the functions of Memmert's model variant SingleDISPLAY will be perfect for your application. Expect outstanding precision and reliability paired with intuitive operation plus double overtemperature protection including visual alarm. 

TwinDISPLAY maximum convenience for complex processes

For many years to come, the equipment of Memmert's model variant TwinDISPLAY will leave nothing to be desired regarding function range, convenience and safety. Via the intuitive control and logging software AtmoCONTROL even complex processes can be programmed quick and easy.  Multiple overtemperature protection, visual and acoustic alarm as well as possibly sending an automatic alarm message to one or several e-mail addresses will leave you with time for things that really matter. Your work.

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