Innovation Diagnostics Inc. focuses on bringing to the market an impressive array of automated tools, equipment, reagents and consumables from renowned manufacturers worldwide.

Through the competency of our staff and the quality of our products, we deliver value to our customer base through our comprehensive solutions which delivers productivity improvements, increased efficiency and peace of mind.

Because we stand behind the solutions we sell, you can count on a strong Service & Support Organization to provide technical assistance with the use of our products. This part of our web site should provide you with many useful resources to help with technical inquiries. However, if further assistance is needed, do not hesitate to give us a call. 450-472-1871

Read through this section to discover how our Customer care program can help protect your capital investment. Our "Innovation Care Program" provides options for warranty extension as well as maintenance contract for post warranty coverage.

This section also provides a wide variety of documents available for download. These documents cover systems application, technical sheets, user manual, etc. Feel free to use them at your convenience as a constantly available source of valuable information.

Because Service & Support is a key element of our growth, we wish to hear from you. If you wish to share with us your views in how we can further improve the level of service we provide, please send your comments and remarks using the following link

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