• 3M


  • ABE




    Advantec is a major producer of filtration media and related scientific products.

  • Alpha BioSciences

    Alpha BioSciences

    Alpha Biosciences, Inc., located near historic Union Mill in Baltimore, Maryland, was founded in 1999 and is a specialty manufacturer of dehydrated culture media. 

  • Biokar


    It offers more than 40 years of experience in microbiology, in sectors as varied as Agri-food Industries, Cosmetic Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Water and environment, Animal Health and Research and education Institutions



    Faster srl is one of the leading European manufacturers of Laminar airflow instrumentation.

  • Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific

    For nearly 30 years, Globe Scientific Inc. has been a leading producer of high-quality laboratory plasticware, glassware and bench-top equipment.

  • Grant Instruments

    Grant Instruments

    The core of Grant business is bringing innovation, solutions and high-quality products direct to laboratories, healthcare and industrial markets. In all three sectors, we bring industry leading products that give high-performance and reliability. Our apparatus products are built in the UK and EU with regionally based teams to manage your needs, we can offer you the perfect blend of people and precision built products.



    Hardy Diagnostics manufactures culture media, and rapid identification kits for microbiological testing in clinical, research, and industrial laboratories.

  • Hygiena


    Hygiena is a microbiology & life science company developing rapid solutions for the food & beverage, healthcare and life science industries.

  • Innovation Diagnostics

    Innovation Diagnostics

    Innovation Diagnostics is a leading supplier in the field of Microbiology. We offer innovative quality control solutions to companies, reference labs, hospitals and universities in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, environmental and clinical fields.

  • Interscience


    INTERSCIENCE is serving laboratories with products that guarantee security and performance for microbiological analysis.

  • JRI


  • Lab Robot

    Lab Robot

    LabRobot Products AB started in 1986 by developing laboratory robotic systems. In 1991, the company changed its focus from robotic systems to smaller laboratory instruments such as peristaltic pumps, filling systems and tube openers.



    We produce a wide variety of sterile sampling solutions tailored to the bio-industries, agri-food, pharmaceutical, medical and clinical laboratories.

  • Madgetech


    MadgeTech is a leading manufacturer of data loggers


  • Medical Wire

    Medical Wire

    With over 7 decades of history, innovation and product knowledge and customer support, MWE has been leading the pre-analytics market with UK manufactured swabs, specimen collection media and lab consumables.

  • Memmert


    Memmert has been developing and producing thermal ovens and Incubators as well as water- and oilbaths for a wide range of applications.

  • Microbiologics


    Since Microbiologics’ inception in 1971, one thing has remained a constant: change.
    When you’re dedicated to remaining at the forefront of breakthrough technology, every day begins with one common goal: a safer, healthier future for all. And getting the big stuff right starts by focusing on the small stuff. As we add robust specialties, including the acquisitions of Gibson Bioscience, Micromyx, and Virapur, we are able to make discoveries that impact people all over the world. Our brand refresh reflects this dedication to innovation and continuous progress.

  • Microbiology International

    Microbiology International

    We specialize in laboratory equipment such as autoclaves, colony counters, peristaltic pumps, anaerobic chambers, spiral platers, serial diluters, incubators, gravimetric diluters, plate pourers, media preparators and lab blenders.

  • NSI




    OHAUS is a worldwide leader that manufactures analytical, precision, portable and light industrial electronic and mechanical weighing equipment.

  • PMM


    PMM is a leading high-quality producer of ready-to-use culture media. The company was founded January 2013 by Dr. Rolf Müller, who has already founded Heipha Dr. Müller GmbH in 1973.

  • QBD


    QBD is a world Class Manufacturer of Refrigeration products.



    Romer Labs is a leading global supplier of diagnostic solutions for food and feed safety. We offer a broad range of innovative testing solutions and services covering mycotoxins, microorganisms, food allergens, gluten, GMO, veterinary drug residues, and other food contaminants. 



    Socorex manufactures a wide variety of high precision instruments used for reliably measuring, dosing, transferring, dispensing and injecting liquids.

  • Systec


    Systec GmbH develops, manufactures and markets, laboratory autoclaves (steam sterilizers) and media preparators throughout the world.



    WLD-TEC is manufacturer of safety laboratory gas burners and electrical sterilization systems.

  • World BioProducts

    World BioProducts

    World Bioproducts has been leading the way

    with revolutionary products to make microbiology sample collection

    and processing more efficient and reliable. 

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