Clean-Trace™ Positive Control 3M™ Hygiene Monitoring Neogen

Clean-Trace™ Positive Control


Clean-Trace® Surface Positive Control is designed to enhance hygiene monitoring procedures by providing cost effective assurance that hygiene monitoring reagents and instruments are being used and stored correctly to ensure reliable results.

  • Fast way to validate test results.
  • Delivers a predetermined amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to provide a predictable result.
  • Helps ensure hygiene monitoring products are being used and stored correctly to provide reliable results.
  • Can be used as a positive control for Clean-Trace® Protein Tests.


Each test contains a predetermined amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to provide a predictable result if the reagents are being used and stored correctly. If the result is above the required threshold, testing is effective. Not intended for consumer use.

Monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning helps reduce the risk of a food safety incident. With Clean-Trace Surface Positive Control ATP10, monitoring hygiene procedures is simple with real-time results. This product can be used with minimal training and is easily integrated into company HACCP programs to monitor for cleaning effectiveness.

Brand Clean-Trace®
Analyte ATP
Application Hygiene Monitoring
Result Type Relative Light Units (RLU)
Limit of Detection 1 ng
Testing Time 8.00 Seconds
Time to Result 8 Seconds
Storage Conditions 4 - 8° C (40 - 46° F)
Quantity per Package 10 unit
Reaction Time 8 seconds
Reproducibility >90%
pH Optima 7
Substrate for Enzyme ATP
Package Dimensions 75.50 cm x 7.50 cm x 6.50 cm
Package Weight 0.22 lb
New product
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