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Verigas compressed air sampler


VERIGAS is a complementary instrument to the TrioBas and Airwel air samplers. This special adaptor (stainless steel) collects air from compressed air or nitrogen lines to detect the presence of Microorganisms (EasyGas). A second connector (made of techno polymer) also allow for the airflow verification of the air sampler (VeriTest). All components of the system are delivered with a rigid transport case.


The system VERIGAS (EasyGas + Veritest) works by measuring the pressure’s variation generated by air sampler while air is aspirated through a bell-shaped aspirating chamber (in stainless steel for EasyGas and in technopolymer for VeriTest) applied to the head of the sampler. A differential pressure sensor measures that variation and compares it with the reference values.

1. For EasyGas the gas or air flow from compressed supply is regulated by the connected digital control unit which works as a flow meter before passing through the microbial sampler.

2. For VeriTest the result appears at the end of the test. Displayed on the control unit as: OK (the air sampler is still calibrated), or WARNING or ERROR (the air sampler is not calibrated within calibration specifics)

The EasyGas checks that product contact air is contamination free within sterile or aseptic manufacturing facilities like Cleanroom. Any air sampler is easily and aseptically connected to the output of compressed gas. Before entering the aspiration head of a Triobas or Airwel air sampler, the air flow from the compressed supply is regulated by a flow valve. All the sampling data are transferred via Bluetooth or cable (depending on the Air Sampler model used) to a PC by a dedicated software.

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