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Web-based management and monitoring platform for Nano SPY and LoRa SPY wireless temperature loggers.

Hosted on the JRI secure cloud or on your servers, the data transmitted by the wireless temperature sensors LoRa® SPY and mini data loggers Nano SPY are easily overseen or managed on the JRI-MySirius platform.

The JRI-MySirius application is fully customizable thanks to a dashboard and modules adapted to the needs of the users.


The interface is user-friendly, intuitive and customizable with different indicators and favorites, offering a data management adapted to the user's needs.

The management of users profile can be customized: Administrators, Site managers, Supervisors, Metrologists...

Some innovative functions have been particularly designed to help you to optimize the relevance of your alarms.
In case of threshold excursion, a real-time alert is sent.

The JRI-MySirius platform offers a wide range of alarm options: multi cascades, snooze, temporary inhibition... and many means of notification: SMS text message, email, voice call, audio and visual alarms.

In order to answer metrology's needs, many functions are provided to ensure consultation and metrology fleet management of sensors.

A direct access to a documentary space is dedicated to metrology reports and all documents concerning your solution.

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