Lab Management System

Improve your Sample Management process, connect your instrumentation, increase your traceability levels and gain efficiency in your laboratory thanks to our LIMS solution.

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 Core advantages of a LIMS

Sample Management
with instrumentation
Get a better
Track your

 Features and benefits

  • Management of all equipment
    (production, laboratory, information systems,...)
  • Inventory
    (identification, location, responsibility,...)
  • Management systems
    Links between equipment configurations, equipment / workstation, equipment / system
  • Testing Management
    (qualification, calibration, verification and regulatory compliance)
  • Full control of all laboratory activities
    Realtime assessment of laboratory workflow
  • Full traceability of test results
    For regulatory requirements
  • Increase productivity
    Streamlining processes and paperless management
  • Barcode Environment
    reducing transcription errors, real time tracking of samples

 Our available modules

LIMS Core Process
  • Sample Login
  • Barcoding
  • Test Process
  • Results
  • Communication / Reporting
Additional Modules
  • Equipment Management
  • Documentation
  • Invoicing
  • Planning and Organization
  • Traceability Process


 Adaptation to your processes

We cover the five laboratory processing phases:
  • The reception and log in of a sample and its associated customer data
  • The assignment, scheduling, and tracking of the sample and the associated analytical workload
  • The reception and log in of a sample and its associated customer data
  • The processing and quality control associated with the sample and the utilized equipment and inventory
  • The storage of data associated with the sample analysis
  • The inspection, approval, and compilation of the sample data for reporting and/or further analysis

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