Sterile ECO Sample Bags

TWIRL’EM ECOLO, leading the industry as the first green bag for all laboratories and Mother Nature since 2008. They are an economical and time-saving green alternative to rigid containers.

TWIRL’EM ECOLO sampling bags are made of highly resistant virgin LDPE containing additives helping the bag biodegrade into inert humus (biomass), CO2, methane and water. It takes between 9 months to 5 years for the plastic to degrade into the landfill’s ecosystem. The biodegradation of the plastic doesn’t start before the bags are put in contact with the landfill environment.

TWIRL’EM ECOLO sampling bags are naturally sterile from the heated filtered air propelled in the blown film from which our bags are manufactured, that intend the interior of the bags is never exposed to ambient environment. This validated process allows us to supply a completely green solution without using other damaging sterilization methods.

Product Advantages:

  • Maximize the bag opening to facilitate insertion of samples;
  • Tracking number for every product lot;
  • A sterility certificate is included in every box;
  • Bags perfect for solid, semi-solid and liquid sampling;
  • Appropriate for sampling controls of the USDA, FDA or CFIA;
  • Free of RNAse, DNAse, BPA and Pyrogen.

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