Bag Mixer 400 CC, Sample Blender Sample Blending Interscience

Bag Mixer 400 CC, Sample Blender


The BagMixer 400 CC efficiently blends any type of sample, avoiding risk of cross-contamination. It is adapted to all types of applications and compatible with all blender bags. The patented Click and Clean click-on paddles enable access directly to the blending chamber for deep cleaning.

  • Optimal blending volume: 50 - 400 mL
  • Variable speed: 4, 6, 8, 10 strokes / second
  • Variable blending time: 1 second - 1 hour or ∞ / count down
  • Click & Clean click-on paddles
  • Q-Tight closing


Optimal bacterial extraction

The peristaltic movement of the paddles allows optimal bacterial extraction during blending, without risk of cross-contamination. In 30 seconds, the sample is ready for analysis.

BagMixer SW - Extraction bactérienne

Adjustable blending power

The adjustable blending power allows the blending of most complex samples (eg. pet food, nuts, pills, seeds...). The pressure by paddle reaches 28 kg. 

blending power - paddles forward

Small / hard samples:
Move the paddles forward
for more pressure

Blending power - Paddles backward

Big / soft samples:
Move the paddles back
for less pressure

Click & Clean

Click & Clean click-on paddles allow complete cleaning of the unit. This patented system allows you to click-off and click-on the paddles in one second to access the entire blending chamber.

Click & Clean - Click off

Click & Clean - Clean

Click & Clean - Click

Q-Tight closing

The Q-Tight closure has been especially designed to prevent leaks from the top during blending. Up to 250 kg of pressure resistance.

BagMixer 400 CC - Q-Tight system

BagMixer 400 CC - Easy to use


Adjust the blending time and speed according to the nature and volume of your sample:
from 1 second to infinity. 


The BagMixer 400 CC has a lifetime warranty on shock absorbers and the window door. Simply send back the warranty card and receive a free 3-year warranty extension.

Image - 3 year warranty - window door warranty - shock absorbers


The BagMixer paddle blender is used for microbiological analyses in the food, environmental, pharmaceutical, veterinary industries and in public research institutes. It is used for the preparation of samples for quality control of raw materials, products in production and the control of finished products...

Application - Food

Application - Environmental

Application - Pharmaceutical

Applications - Veterinary

Application - Public research


Data sheet

Front door
Liquid Sensing
Silent blending
Exterior dimensions (W X H X D)
26.5 X 42 X 27.5 cm - 10.5 X 16.5 X 11 in.
400 ml
Adjustable speed
Adjustable time
Instrument weight
16 Kg - 35.3 lbs
Easy cleaning
3 years
Light coding
Drip Tray
New product
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