Dilugent® Shaker Dilucup® for Serial Dilution Lab Robot
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Dilugent® Shaker


Dilugent® Shaker is part of the Dilucup® system and it was designed to guaranty an easy and effective use of Dilucup® Elegance diluent cups.

The colored Led Lights ensure a smooth and efficient dilution process as the user remains constantly aware of the next cup to sample from and the next cup to distribute to. This highly ergonomic feature reduce errors while making it easier to use compared to other manual dilution processes.

Dilugent® Shaker 6 X 7 can support Dilucup® Elegance diluent (BPW, MRD, Nacl) in either 3 X 7 or 6 X 7 configuration.


Easy dilution monitoring for the user

Dilugent® Shaker provides full guide of the dilution series by using different colours in a 42 LED lights matrix. The standard colors are green, yellow and red. 

Comfortable pipetting

The tray is only 8 cm above the bench which makes it comfortable to work with. 

Easy programming

Dilugent® Shaker is designed to be intuitive and very easy to use with a 7-inch touch screen.

Two optical sensors; one on each side

Suitable for unobstructed work in front of the shaker. 

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