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Bag Mixer 400SW Sample Blender


The BagMixer 400 SW is a new generation lab blender. It is silent, very sturdy and user friendly. The window door enables a quick check-up of the blending, in process. It is adapted to all types of applications and compatible with all blender bags.

  • Optimal blending volume: 50 - 400 mL
  • Variable speed: 4, 6, 8, 10 strokes / second
  • Variable blending time: 1 second - 1 hour or ∞ / count-down
  • Click & Clean click-on paddles
  • Silent blending: less than 48 dB


BagMixer SW - Blender

Optimal bacterial extraction

The peristaltic movement of the paddles allows optimal bacterial extraction during blending, without risk of cross-contamination. In 30 seconds, the sample is ready for analysis.


BagMixer SW - Extraction bactérienne

Super silent: less than 48 dB

Conventional laboratory blenders are noisy and can be tiring to use. The BagMixer SW is equipped with a soundproof case and a double layer window door which guarantees a pleasant use in the laboratory. The sound produced is lower than 48 dB, compared to the 54 dB of our nearest competitor (ISO 3744 acoustic test).

BagMixer S/SW - Test accoustique EN

Adjustable blending power

The adjustable blending power allows the blending of most complex samples (eg. pet food, nuts, pills, seeds...). The pressure by paddle reaches 28 kg. 

BagMixer - Adjustable blending power - Paddles forward

Small / hard samples:
Move the paddles forward
for more pressure

BagMixer - Adjustable blending power - Paddles backward

Big / soft samples:
Move the paddles back
for less pressure

TotalAccess system

The TotalAccess system allows the door to be opened flat for easy cleaning. 
Click & Clean click-on paddles and built-in safety tray are autoclavable. 
The polycarbonate chamber is easy to clean, thanks to the rounded corners.

BagMixer 400SW - Total accès system - Profile

BagMixer 400 SW - Total access system - Front


If a blender bag leaks, the BagMixer stops automatically. The sensor detects
any liquid and alerts you right away, allowing you to save your sample.

BagMixer 400 SW - Liquid sensor - leak detection

Light Code

LED lights illuminate the bench to tell you when the blending is over. The color code indicates the status.

BagMixer - Green lightcode

Green :

BagMixer - Orange lightcode

Orange :
Blending process

BagMixer - Red lightcode

Rouge :
Leak detection

Q-Tight closure

250 kg of pressure resistance for a water-proof closure.

BagMixer 400 - Q-Tight system

Energy Saver

The new brushless motor technology allows the BagMixer to consume 50% less energy than competitors. The new AutoSleep function puts it in sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Energy Saver


The BagMixer 400 SW has a lifetime warranty on shock absorbers and the window. Simply send back the warranty card and receive a free 3-year warranty extension.

Logo 3 ans Vitre garantie à vie EN


Data sheet

Front door
Liquid Sensing
Silent blending
Exterior dimensions (W X H X D)
45 X 29 X 37 cm - 18 X 11.5 X 15 in.
400 ml
Adjustable speed
Adjustable time
Instrument weight
26 Kg - 57 lbs
Easy cleaning
3 years
Light coding
Drip Tray
New product
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