FLUICS Cryo Labeling System

FLUICS aim at improving the efficiency of labs and the lives of researchers by re-defining the way labs are organized. We are convinced that this is the only way to improve reproducibility in research and pave the way for more ground-breaking results that will finally lead to improving peoples’ lives.

FLUICS CONNECT originates from common experiences and frustrations in the lab: searching for samples, trying to maintain uncountable excel lists for inventory management, and hunting through lab notebooks to track back and reconstruct samples and reagents for specific experiments. This translates in major waste of time and money. 

Discover our FLUICS CONNECT application or take a look at this introductory Video.

FLUICS PRINT --  Out-of-the-box label solution for ELNs and LIMS

Bridge the gap between real samples and reagents in the lab and your online documentation, information management and automation.

FLUICS Print is linking your lab software to our Online Label Printer. Hassle-free installation to print smear-proof QR-coded cryo labels.

Tracking samples with your preferred electronic lab notebook (ELN), laboratory information management system (LIMS) or lab execution system (LES) has never been easier.

Discover our Print Package solutions for SciNote and eLabNext

Additional Label packages are available which provide continuous access to FLUICS Print services.

Stay organized with FLUICS Inventory Management Solution!!!!

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