Polywel 3D - For Tube & Bottle Filling Tube & Bottle Filler ABE

Polywel 3D - For Tube & Bottle Filling


POLYWEL is a rapid, versatile and accurate tubes and bottles filler for laboratories.

The device allows for the distribution of media, diluents and other liquids in different containers such as tubes and bottles, from 1 to 9999.9 ml.

  • Dispense 1,000 tubes with 9ml in 60 minutes with no interaction from the operator
  • Racks designed so tubes can be loaded direct from original packaging
  • Maximum size of containers: Height between 115 and 250mm; Width up to 190mm; Depth up to 390mm
  • Tubing diameters: 1.6mm, 3.2mm and 6.4mm
  • Volume accuracy of +/- 0.1ml (>5ml)
  • Simple to use, easy to program
  • One POLYPUMP 3D supplied with the POLYWEL
  • 3D co-ordinates for dispense nozzle to accept different sized tubes and bottles
  • Programmable calibration check intervals
  • Traceability options to satisfy quality audits.

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