Handy Gun Peristaltic Pumps Interscience

Handy Gun


Dispensing control with handy gun including electronic start button


Designed for laboratories

FlexiPump is compact and easy to use with 3 dispensing modes: continuous, dose (predetermined volume) and multi-dose (predetermined volume, with an
adjustable pause between each dose). It has 24 customizable programs. FlexiPump easily calibrates and picks up in all types of containers.

Simplified distribution

The distribution can be done in series. The control is increased with the handy gun, the adjustable arm and the foot pedal.

Control and accuracy of the distributed volume

FlexiPump is equipped with a powerful motor allowing the distribution of 50 μL to 99.9 L with a flow rate up to 2.5 L/min. The difference in precision between several distributions reaches 1%. FlexiPump complies with ISO 7218 standards.

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