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Easy Spiral


easySpiral is an automatic plater of Petri dishes. It allows plating of a sample with 300 to 1.3x105 CFU/mL on one Petri dish, without prior dilution. Plated volumes are of 50 and 100 µL.

  • Syringe capacity: 1000 µL
  • Plating modes: exponential, circle
  • Counting range: from 300 to 1.3x105 CFU/mL
  • Plating cycle time: 25 seconds
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The Spiral method

With the Spiral method, increase your analysis capabilities: without intermediate dilutions, perform standardized automatic plating with a counting range from 100 to 1 x 107CFU/mL on 1 single Petri dish !

easySpiral Dilute - Ensemencement manuel ENeasySpiral Dilute - Methode automatique EN

Manual plating method requires repetitive actions: at least 4 dilutions and 4 successive platings are necessary to obtain one good and readable Petri dish.

With Automatic Spiral method, make your analyses on 1 single Petri dish!

Consumables: savings up to 75%

The exponential plating mode with easySpiralreduces your consumable budget and waste volumes. You will enjoy more space in your lab too! The easySpiral plater has no specific consumable needs.

Exponential mode

The exponential mode is a plating in surface with a decreasing surface concentration. Plate 50 µL or 100 µL volume. 
Obtain a countable Petri dish from 300 to 1.3 x 105 CFU/mL

High speed automation

The fast rotating arm adapts itself to all types of agar without risks of ploughing. It makes it possible to obtain a plating in 25 seconds (disinfection + sample intake + plating).

easySpiral - Robotic arm

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