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Scan 4000 Colony Counter


Scan 4000 is an automatic HD colour colony counter. It is adapted to all sizes of Petri dishes and any culture media. Its indirect lighting system gives great user comfort, high accuracy and excellent reproducibility. Scan 4000 is also an inhibition zone reader.

  • Minimum size of detected colony: 0.05 mm
  • Camera: 5 megapixels - zoom x 69
  • Counting on Ø 55 to 150 mm round Petri dishes and 120 mm square Petri dishes
  • Counting on pour, surface, Spiral, circle mode plated dishes
  • Counting on chromogenic agar, PetriFilmTM, MC-media PadsTM, Compact DryTM, Easy PlateTM, filtration membranes
  • Inhibition zone reader

The largest range on the market

The Scan 4000 allows reading on Petri dishes of up to 150 mm diameter, and on square Petri dishes of 120 mm. This makes it the colony counter with the most possibilities on the market, for more flexibility in your work. Scan 4000 reads also inhibition zones on round or square Petri dishes.

Colony counting - en masse and surface

Surface and pour

Colony counting - Spiral


Colony counting - Circle




Colony counting - PetriFilm

Compact DryTM
MC-Media PadsTM
Easy PlateTM

Colony counting - Filtration membranes

Filtration membranes

Colony Counting - 150 mm diameter

Ø 150 mm

Accuracy and repeatability

The counting of Petri dishes is long, tedious and can vary from one person to another. The Scan 4000 can count up to 1000 colonies in 1 second in a constant and repeatable mode. Counting accuracy reach up to 98%. The minimum colony size is 0.05 mm.

Total flora before and after counting

Total count before/after counting

Graphique Comptage manuel EN

Manual counting

Graphique Comptage automatique EN

Automatic counting

21 CFR Part 11 included

The Scan software complies with FDA recommendations, particularly on audit trail and security of results.

The user account management, integrated in the software, allows the creation of up to 5 levels of rights. The Supervisor-Administrator has all the roles while the other roles are subject to certain rights. Password management secures user accounts.

Picto 21 CFR Part 11

Scan 4000 - 21 CFR Part 11 intégré


Traçabilité export donnés - Connexion SIL/LIMS EN

SIL/LIMS connection

Traçabilté import données - Code barres EN


Import data traceability - DataLink


Scan 4000 connects to the LIMS in bi-directionality and can be connected to the diluter and plater via dataLink traceability system.

Print of the results

All data, images, photos and results are exportable in printable reports, sca, pdf, jpg, xls, csv.

Scan rapport imprimé EN

Printed report example

White LED Dome lighting:
reflection and shadow free

Petri dishes are difficult to lighten as they are transparent and reflective. Heterogeneous lighting creates artefacts on the edge of the agar and on the sides of the Petri dish. These artefacts may be counted as colonies and can ruin an accurate counting.

We have designed a white diffusing dome for 360° lighting without reflections or shadows. The lighting is spread evenly everywhere and allows you to count the colonies on the entire surface.

White LED Dome Lighting

Scan 4000 qualité de l'image EN

Scan 4000 Ultra high resolution camera

Ultra high resolution camera

Equipped with a German 5 megapixels camera and a Japanese lens, the Scan 4000offers the best image quality of the INTERSCIENCE range. See details you would not see with your bare eye!

Reading on 100% of the surface of the Petri dish

Reading on 100% of the dish

Place the Petri dish where you want, the Scan 4000automatically detects it and zooms on it. You can count on 100% of the surface of the Petri dish and avoid missing a colony nestled on the meniscus agar.

Traceability system with DataLink

Ideal with dataLink full traceability system

dataLink is a complete traceability system for the microbiological analysis of a sample, from its plating with easySpiral Pro or easySpiral Dilute platers to colony counting. After incubation, the reading of the datamatrix code makes it possible to collect the information of the sample and its plating and to automatically launch on the colony counter the associated parameters.


Scan 4000 automatic colony counters have 3-YEAR warranty (parts and labour) just by sending the warranty card back.

Logo Garantie 3 ans EN


The Scan 4000 colony counter is used in the food, environmental, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, veterinary and public institutes research.

Application - Food

Application - Environmental

Application - Pharmaceutical

Application - Cosmetics

Applications - Veterinary

Application - Public research

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