MediaPrep 120 Media Preparator

MediaPrep 120


Systec Mediaprep 120 with a total capacity to produce 133 litres in 120 minutes. 

Microprocessor Controlled

  • The sterilization cycle is fully programmable by the user.
  • User defined parameters include agar sterilization temperature, time and pouring temperature. PT100 probe directly measures temperature of media throughout the prepatory cycle.
  • Detailed batch information (time / temperature / pressure) is available directly from the optional ticket printer or via connection to external PC using ADS software.

Powerfull heating elements enable particularly rapid heating to be carried out. Rapid cooling is performed by water circulation and support presssure directly at the external walls of the media vessel using sterilized demineralized water. The water is brought to cooling temperature using a plate heat exchanger with a water connection. The total process time including heating, sterilizing and cooling to 50° C lasts from 60 – 120 minutes, depending on the size of the vessel, the quantity of media and the temperature of cooling water. The support pressure avoids an overboiling respectively foaming of the media.


Data sheet

Sterilization Temperature
95 - 125 oC
10 - 133 litres
Dispensing Temperature
25 - 80oC
220V/3 phases - 50/60HZ - 50amps
Preparation time for distribution
60 - 120 minutes
Number of programs
Instrument weight
210 Kg - 463 lbs
Tap water - DI water - Drain
895 X 650 X 1160 mm - 35 X 25.6 X 46 in.
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