LoRa SPY U for Analog Sensors LoRa SPY Loggers JRI
LoRa SPY U for Analog Sensors LoRa SPY Loggers JRI
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LoRa SPY U for Analog Sensors LoRa SPY Loggers JRI
LoRa SPY U for Analog Sensors LoRa SPY Loggers JRI

LoRa SPY U for Analog Sensors

The LoRa SPY U is an universal analog input recorder with a long-range LoRaWAN connectivity.

It is compatible with the following type of analog sensors: PT 100, current (4-20mA / 0-20mA), voltage (0-1V), counting or dry contact.

Data are sent to the JRI MySirius secure Cloud for optimal exploitation on the JRI MySirius monitoring web platform, or directly to your servers (using webAPI or LoRa SPY U control protocol). It connects to the LoRaWANTM network of telecom operators members of the LoRa AllianceTM or to a Micro Gateway private network data transmission module.

In case of thresholds excursions, real-time alerts are sent by SMS text message, mail or voice message.

  • Long-range LoRaWAN connectivity
  • Easy to use : LoRa SPY U is ready to use and has operating and alarms lights
  • LCD display
  • Excellent measurement accuracy : reliability of a professional measuring instrument
  • Robust
  • Fixing eyelets and integrated magnets
  • Replaceable battery

Type of input PT100 Current / Voltage Counting  Dry Contact 
 Measurement range -200°C to +300°C   0 to 20 mA or 4-20 mA or 0-1V  0 to 65535  Dry contact or 0-3,3V max
 Resolution  0,01°C  0,001 mA  1  - 
 Accuracy ±0,3°C from -80°C to -20°C 
±0,2°C from -20°C to +50°C
±0,3°C from +50°C to +140°C 
±0,5°C out of this range
 ±0,01 mA  ±1  - 


  • Communication frequency : 868/915 MHz
  • Memory : 10 000 data points
  • Radio range : Up to 16 km open field range
  • Interface : Status LED lights, On/Off touch sensitive button, LCD display
  • Dimensions : 87 x 64 x 25 mm
  • Weight : 100 g
  • Power supply : Replaceable Lithium 3,6v battery
  • Identification ring : Blue
  • Battery lifetime : 2 years
  • Part nrs : 
    • 868 MHz: 11810 2E
    • 868 MHz without battery : 11810 2X
    • 915 MHz without battery : 12277 EX

Data sheet

Measurement Range
Depending on sensor used
10 000 measurements
Depending on sensor used
Power Supply
Replaceable Lithium 3,6v battery
Battery Lifetime
2 years
New product
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