Autoloop Pro Burner / Incinerator
Autoloop Pro Burner / Incinerator
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Autoloop Pro Burner / Incinerator
Autoloop Pro Burner / Incinerator

Autoloop Pro


Autoloop Pro for Fuego SCS burner, includes 4 inoculation loops with holders, Pedestal and Foot pedal connector

Laboratory gas burner not included


The fully automatic carrousel for flame sterilizing inoculation loops.

The inoculation loop carrousel Autoloop PRO, which is suitable for up to 4 inoculation loops, was developed to comply with current requirements in microbiological,  cellbiological and biotechnological laboratories.

Modern design

The stable housing enables comfortable and easy access to inoculation loops. Removal positions on both sides make the carrousel equally suitable for right and left handers.

More comfort

Keep all functions in view with the fully graphic display. The graphic menu control makes it easy to select all functions quickly. Flaming and cooling time can be adjusted to the second. During the flame sterilizing, the display shows the remaining flaming time. The Autoloop PRO rotates and controls flaming automatically. No unintentional use of hot inoculation loops: When flaming is completed, the display shows the remaining cooling time and the removal positions of cool inoculation loops. All the suspended inoculation loops can be flamed as needed in one full rotation of the carrousel. For additional flame sterilization (e.g. of bottle necks or test tubes) a foot pedal* can be activated during the automatic operation. For this purpose the Autoloop PROturns the inoculation loop out of the flame position and enables additional flame sterilization.

More safety

The nearly perpendicular position of the inoculation loop holder protects even the sleeve nut of the holder from possible contaminations. Additionally, an intelligent sensor of the Autoloop PRO monitors safe sterilization.

Saves energy, time and costs

Precise flame sterilization time extends the life of the inoculation loops and reduces gas consumption. Continuous working during the flaming and the cooling phases of the inoculation loops saves a great deal of time and makes it possible to work efficiently.


Fabricated entirely of stainless steel, anodized aluminium and a display, protected by heat resistant glass, the Autoloop PRO can withstand extreme laboratory conditions.



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