FILTRA-BAG 6 X 9, 710ml, no safety tab Blender Bags with Filter

FILTRA-BAG 6 X 9, 710ml, no safety tab

SCT 6090A

Filter Bags series 100, 6 X 9 inches, with safety tab, tear-off protection, and a total blending capacity of 710ml.

400 Bags per pack


Labplas FILTRA-BAG blender bags are designed to simplify taking an aliquot when working with samples which contain large amounts of residue and/or semi-solid/solid substances. When lacing an aliquot onto growth media, it’s very important that the volume of the aliquot be accurate and that it be free of solid particles. This prevents pipette blockage as well as uneven plate distribution.

Key Features:

Made with a polyethylene/Pet outer shell which practically eliminates the possibility of piercing the bag wall during blending.

The dividing filter membrane has 1840 holes per square inch with a pore size of approximately 330 microns. This pore size has proven to be very effective for the majority of applications and allows for optimal solution and bacterial flow between the FILTRA-BAG® compartments during blending.

SCT 6090A
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