SafeFast Premium Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC)

SafeFast Premium

Faster SafeFAST Premium are Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets - designed and built to performance requirements of the EN-12469:2000 European Standard and NSF/ANSI 49 American Standard, with 70% of the air re-circulated via the main Class H14 HEPA/ULPA filter within the cabinet, whilst the remaining 30% is discharged through an exhaust Class H14 HEPA/ULPA filter. Primarily conceived for pharmaceutical industries, SafeFAST Premium cabinets offer low levels of power consumption, CO2 emissions and the lowest noise levels.

Available in sizes of 3, 4 , 5 and 6 foot.

(Please read the attached documentation for the various dimensions of each models)

Include two (2) electrical socket.

Electrically operated front window and epoxy coated back panel.

Optional standard and ergonomic stands along with a programmable UV Lamp are also available.

SafeFAST Premium have been adopted worldwide in use for product, personnel and environmental protection while handling harmful agents pathogenic to human beings and/or animals as defined in the appropriate international standards, in a wide range of disciplines in applications such as: Microbiology, Virology, Hematology, Cell culture, Genetics, Handling of hazardous agents to human beings or animals.

SFClassicOperating Principles

The ambient air is drawn in from the slots at the stainless-steel base of the front opening and it then passes under the work surface, from where it is drawn up and blown into the plenum of the re-circulating and exhaust fan(s).

The “bio-dynamic sealing system” of the negative pressure plenum ensures that all contaminated particles are kept inside the system and are automatically drawn to the plenum or pressure chamber to be captured by the main re-circulating and exhaust H 14 HEPA/ULPA filters.

The fan system assures that no part of the cabinet comes ever under positive contaminated pressure to the laboratory, thus protecting and preserving the environment and operating personnel from exposure to agents of bio-contamination.

70% of the filtered air is re-circulated (after passing through a H14 HEPA/ULPA filter) in an air cleanliness in Class ISO 3, according to ISO 14644-1 laminar flow pattern downwards into the work chamber and the remaining 30% is exhausted to atmosphere through another H14 HEPA/ULPA filter.                                                                                                                                                       

Main Features

Lowest power consumption: SafeFAST Premium offers outstanding energy efficiency performance with a power consumption value rated to 84,4 Watt at operational mode in conformity to EN 12469:2000. This performance is achieved combining innovative solutions such as DC blowers, low pressure drop H14 HEPA/ULPA filters, low power consumption LED light.

Lowest noise level: SafeFAST Premium recorded unmatched sound pressure level of 42,5 dB(A) and it is the most silent cabinet worldwide. Working with SafeFAST Premium, the operators will experience the real sound of silence. The unit is such silent that it is difficult to say if it is running or not. Thanks to direct current low power consumption motorblowers, innovative plenum design and certified low pressure drop H14 HEPA/ULPA filters, SafeFAST Premium recorded noise level performance way below the parameters specified in the current EN 12469:2000

Lowest CO2 Emissions: Inspired by environment awareness, SafeFAST Premium boasts the lowest CO2 emission value equal to 163 Kg/year as a result of advanced technical solutions and choice of materials.

High Level Lighting: Wide safety glass side-windows with the ideal positioning and sizing of LED lights system, provide the highest lighting level (> 1000Lux ) to the work area. A dimmer is available as standard fitting to adjust light intensity.

Ergonomic Design: The angled sloping (7°) front stratified safety-glass sash provides optimum visibility of all objects placed in the interior workspace. The sash is electrically operated. Pressing the appropriate touch-sensitive keys will completely open or completely close down the sash. The standard sash-height opening during work is set to 160 mm. Alternative sash-height settings (250-200mm) by the factory are possible upon request. The whole front of the safety cabinet – which includes the sash mechanism – can also be opened upwards as it is hinged on the top – in order to allow easy access for complete and effective cleaning and decontamination.

Real Laminar AirFlow: Frontal screen 7° sloped as well as back side wall to convey in unidirectional pattern the air flow. As a consequence, the front and back panels are parallel one with the other and there is the real presence of Laminar AirFlow in the whole working area.

ECS® Eco Controling System: The new ECS® microprocessor employs the latest innovative methods of integrated management of all principal functions of ventilation and filtration - self-regulating all the main filtration and ventilation system components - compensating for declining pressure drops and restoring power balance. Combining the use of DC motor-blowers and certified low pressure-drop filters, the new ECS® controlling system optimize power consumption, reducing CO2 emissions into the environment.

Anti Bacterial Coating: Exclusive Dupont™ ALESTA® anti-bacterial “Ag+ cations-based solution”, capable to prevent microbial contamination of surfaces thereby inhibiting long term surface growth.

Inflatable gasketing is also available as an option to provide effective sealing of the internal workspace of the chamber for purposes of fumigation/sterilization and when gas-tight is needed.

Protection grid: A protection grid made of AISI 304L stainless steel is provided inside the part behind the rear panel (where air flows), in order to avoid the tissue used during cleaning operations be sucked in the motor-blower causing the failure of the blower and other damages.

Easy handling and maintenance: The cabinet can pass through standard 800 mm wide door openings. In fact, the overall depth of the cabinet can be reduced to approx. 777 mm by removal of the rear panel. All service operations are available from the front of the cabinet.

Automatic safety service connections for gas and vacuum and one (for size 209 and 212) or two (for size 215 and 218) electrical socket(s) fitted as standard in each size model.

How to use a Biological Safety Cabinet


Data sheet

External Structure
Epoxy powder coated steel
Rear Wall
Stainless Steel
Work surface
Stainless steel
Front window
Electrically operated
H14 HEPA / ULPA filters
Control Display
Rear-Lit LCD
Audio-Visual alarm
UV Lamp
Electrical outlet
2 standard
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