Distributrice de membranes
Distributrice de membranes
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Distributrice de membranes
Distributrice de membranes
Membrane Solutions

Distributrice de membranes

CAD$2 013,16

Membrane Solutions membrane dispenser is special designed dispenser for Membrane Solutions continuous packaging MCE/CA/CN gridded membrane filters. which can provide you touch-free mode via an optical sensor to dispense membranes.

A dispensing operation is triggered when the optical sensor detects approaching tweezers. It’s simple and fast. With Lithium ion battery inside the dispenser, you can also use it without cable. 



Fully automated membrane dispenser.

Works hands-free by an optical sensor.

High Speed dispensing, less than 1 second.

Magnetic quick installation.

LCD panel: display time/battery life/counting, membrane quantity.

Statistics on the number of filters. It is convenient to know the number of remaining filters

40 hours Li-ion battery life. At least 6 hours working hours.

Special designed for Membrane Solutions Gridded Membrane filters.

Sanitizer or 75% alcohol compatibility for surface sterilization

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