TrioBas Trio Air Sampler Trio Sampling TrioBas
TrioBas Trio Air Sampler Trio Sampling TrioBas
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TrioBas Trio Air Sampler Trio Sampling TrioBas
TrioBas Trio Air Sampler Trio Sampling TrioBas

TrioBas Trio Air Sampler


Triple aspirating head air sampler for 90/100mm plates with Bluetooth capabilities and battery charging through an induction plate.

Available in 100 and 200 litres per minute airflow configuration.

An optional rigid transport case is available.



  • This air sampler is especially dedicated to customers who make a large number of controls, in different environments, with a large staff rotation and comply with the quality standards and QM/GMP.
  • Main customers are pharmaceutical aseptic filling suites, cleanroom, biotech, IVF clinic, operating theatre, hospital pharmacies, blood banks, clinic, microbiological labs, HVAC building monitoring, environmental labs, healthcare ambient monitoring and health authorities.
  • A barcode module, thanks to the use of a scanner (barcode reader) with Bluetooth, automatically records the operator, place and plates used for the sampling. The data collected by the barcode reader is transmitted directly to the instrument. This solution is useful for those who already use culture plates with barcode or 2-D barcode (QR Quick Response Code). The data collected is transferred via Bluetooth from the air sampler to a PC or laptop via a dedicated software installed. 
  • The data is transferred via Bluetooth between the air sampler and a smartphone or tablet (Android version) and then to a PC or laptop.
  • The data may be transferred via cable, too. This is helpful for all companies that, due to internal policy, are not allowed to use wireless transfer.
  • It is possibile to work either in manual or automatic mode.
  • The sampler is IP65 certified.
  • The battery is recharged by an induction plate connected directly to the air sampler. 
  • The 200 lts/min air flow reduces the operator time and the time sampling.
  • The use of sterile Daily Shift aspirating heads reduces the risk of contamination.
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