Sample Bag, 5.5" X 9" plain, 22oz Sample Bags Neogen

Sample Bag, 5.5" X 9" plain, 22oz

700002111 (BP113S)

Plain Sample Bags are made with heavy duty polyethylene (PE) tubing with a wire tie to ensure collected samples are uncompromised during transport to the testing lab.

1000 bags per box


  •     Safety tabs pull bag open to help maintain aseptic conditions
  •     Tear-off opening remains sealed until ready for use
  •     Wire ties provided for a secure closure
  •     Polyethylene tubing material reduce likelihood of leaks
  •     Suitable for a wide range of testing applications
  •     Chemically inert and no transmission residue or taste
  •     DNase, Rnase, Pyrogene free, to help preserve sample integrity
700002111 (BP113S)
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