Sample Bag, 3" X 7" printed, 4oz Sample Bags Neogen

Sample Bag, 3" X 7" printed, 4oz

700002240 (BP114S)

The Neogen® Printable Sample Bag is made of heavy duty polyethylene (PE) tubing that includes a secured wire tie to provide adequate closure.

  • Writable area for documenting data, date, time of collection, and other information facilitates easy recording and identification.
  • Tear-off opening remains sealed until ready for use.
  • Safety tabs pull bag open and help maintain aseptic conditions.
  • Wire ties provided for a secure closure.
  • Bag made of polyethylene tubing material, has no side seals and includes wide heat-sealed bottom, significantly reducing likelihood of leaks.


These bags are ideal for sample collection and testing. These tough PE bags are designed to meet stringent laboratory testing needs and have the strength needed to endure the sample preparation process. The tear-off top ensures the inside of the bag is free of contamination until ready for use. Once the desired sample has been added, the open top is folded over itself and then the wire tie is bent over the fold to keep the contents of the bag from leaking.

Sample bags are DNase, Rnase, Pyrogene free, to help preserve sample integrity. This product is made in the USA with globally sourced materials. It is intended for lab use only.

Platform Sample Collection
Quantity per Package 1000 each
Package Weight 5.07 lb

700002240 (BP114S)
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