3M™ Peanut Protein Rapid Kit Rapid Qualitative food allergen detection 3M

3M™ Peanut Protein Rapid Kit


The 3M™ Peanut Protein Rapid Kit is intended for screening for the presence of peanut proteins in clean-in-place (CIP) final rinse water, environmental swab samples, food ingredients and processed food products.

(25 tests per kit)


The 3M™ Peanut Protein Rapid Kit utilizes a lateral flow device (LFD) that is an immunochromatographic test method utilizing antibodies which are specific for the detection of peanut proteins.

Positive results are visualized by the presence of three lines: a control line, a hook line and a test line, when the peanut protein is present in the range of concentrations from a lower level of 1 ppm and a higher level of approximately 10 mg/mL of peanut protein in saline solution (0.9% sodium chloride).

These limits may vary depending on the matrix tested. Samples containing more than 4% peanut may result in an invalid test which will result in the absence of the hook line and/or test line.

  • Results visible at 11 ± 1 minute after application of the sample
  • Rapid, qualitative immunochromatographic lateral flow test cartridges designed for the detection of allergenic food proteins
  • Designed to detect both processed and unprocessed allergen proteins
  • Test can accommodate environmental swab, CIP rinse water and food samples
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