Mediawel 50 Media Preparator Media Preparator
Mediawel 50 Media Preparator Media Preparator
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Mediawel 50 Media Preparator Media Preparator
Mediawel 50 Media Preparator Media Preparator

Mediawel 50 Media Preparator


MEDIAWEL 50 is an automatic media preparator that provides the ability to quickly and accurately produce all types of agar, broths and dilution fluids.

With capacities from 5 litres to 50 litres and a high temperature accuracy, MEDIAWEL 50 can increase productivity, quality, repeatability and traceability. You can make your media faster and be more flexible in terms of the type of media you can prepare.

The patented, large stirring rod ensures the entire batch has a high viscosity and the extra built-in pre-filter prevents contamination. In addition, this pre-filter protects the more expensive main filter from clogging and is thus a cost-effective feature.

MEDIAWEL 50 is safe to use – the safety lid locks when the temperature reaches 80°C. Using various locking mechanisms, visible and audible alarms, and an anti-shock housing, the risk of injury is significantly reduced – compared to the mechanical preparation of media. Full traceability and easy export of data via a USB interface, speeds up work processes and optimises workflow.

Easy to clean, MEDIAWEL has a drain mechanism underneath to facilitate cleaning the bowl. A bucket can be placed underneath the device to drain off the water with ease.
Real time date monitoring is available through the WIFI and Ethernet connection to your PC, Smartphone or tablet. Each cycle is recorded and stored locally and can be exported (PDF or CSV format) via the USB drive.

MEDIAWEL 50 is compatible with other items of laboratory equipment, such as peristaltic pumps (DOSYWEL), pourer stackers (DISTRIWELand gravimetric diluters (DILUWEL).


Data sheet

5 - 50 litres
Sterilization Temperature
25 - 125oC
Dispensing Temperature
25 - 80 oC
230V / 3 phases - 50/60Hz - 22A
Preparation time for distribution
90 minutes
Number of programs
Instrument weight
178Kg - 392 lbs
585 X 1073 X 735 mm - 23 X 42 X 29 in.
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