Legionella Latex Kit Legionella testing

Legionella Latex Kit


A rapid latex agglutination test for the confirmatory identification of Legionella pneumophila.

50 tests per kit


The latexe used in Microgen® Legionella are coated with immunoglobulins which have been specially processed to minimize issues with potentially cross reacting organisms thereby eliminating the need for a control latex.

Microgen® Legionella pneumophila identifies a range of non-L. pneumophila species of clinical significance with high specificity and no cross- reaction with L. pneumophila.

Detects the following species:

• L. pneumophila Serogroup 1 and 2-15

• L. micdadei
• L. bozemanii I & II
• L. dumoffii

• L. longbeachae I & II

• L. jordanis
• L. gormanii
• L. anisa

• L. feelei

Rapid identification confirmed within 2 minutes. Applicable to both clinical and environmental testing

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