Flip Top Butterfield, 99ml FlipTop bottles Neogen

Flip Top Butterfield, 99ml

700002322 (FTBFD9960)

The Neogen® Flip-Top Dilution Bottle is a leak-resistant plastic cylinder with a flip-open lid that seals securely for safe shipping and handling.

  • Hinged lid stays open for easy sample additions.
  • Ready for use with no additional blending required.
  • Generous headspace and bottle opening make sample addition easy.
  • Leak resistant vial helps prevent leakage during shipping.
  • 2 year shelf life from date of manufacture provides long-term readiness.


Neogen® Flip-Top Dilution Bottles are ideal diluents for enumeration of microorganisms from food, beverage, and environmental samples. The solution is decontaminated through gamma irradiation for long shelf life. The handy flip-top style provides a fast, easy and reliable bottle for sample processing. The 90 or 99 mL fill volume along with the easy-opening, leak resistant flip-open lid is ideal for collecting, adding, and safely shipping samples. The convenient hinged lid stays open for easy sample addition and the 45 mm bottle opening makes it easy to pipette into and out of the bottle. Each bottle is equipped with an integrity seal that guarantees bottle has not been previously opened. This product is made in the USA with globally sourced materials. It is intended for lab use only.

Platform Sample Collection
Quantity per Package 60 each
Package Weight 16.70 lb

700002322 (FTBFD9960)
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