Scan 500 Colony Counting

Scan 500


Scan 500 is an automatic colony counter that ensures fast and efficient counting of colonies, including on chromogenic agar. It guarantees excellent reproducibility. The images and results are saved and usable anytime. Scan 500 is also an inhibition zone reader.

  • Minimum size of detected colony: 0.1 mm
  • Camera: 1 megapixel - zoom x 28
  • Counting on Ø 55 - 90 mm round Petri dishes
  • Counting on pour, surface, Spiral, circle mode plated Petri dishes
  • Counting on chromogenic agar
  • Inhibition zone reader


Counting range

  • Poured & Surface plating
  • Spiral Plating
  • Circle Plating
  • Chromogenic Agar

Accuracy and repeatability

The counting of Petri dishes is long, tedious and can vary from one person to another.

The Scan 500 can count up to 1000 colonies in 1 second in a constant and repeatable mode. Counting accuracy reach up to 98%. The minimum colony size is 0.1 mm.

21 CFR Part 11 included

The Scan software complies with FDA recommendations, particularly on audit trail and security of results.

The user account management, integrated in the software, allows the creation of up to 5 levels of rights. The Supervisor-Administrator has all the roles while the other roles are subject to certain rights. 
Password management secures user accounts.

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