Prepared Culture Media

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Innovation Diagnostics supplies over 1,000 culture media products for use in the microbiology laboratory. Our North-America manufactured media are packaged in petri plates, tube, bottles and flasks; providing the nutrients necessary for the cultivation and identification of bacteria and fungus that are contaminants or potential pathogens.

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Reference Description Format UOM
AG051BBE Agar15x100mm plate 1/pk
AG301Brucella Agar w/H&K15x100mm plate 1/pk
AG601LKV Agar15x100mm plate1/pk
AG901Anaerobic PEA15x100mm plate 1/pk
AG401Egg Yolk Agar, Modified15x100mm plate1/pk
AG701Campy Selective Agar15x100mm plate 1/pk
AG061BBE/LKV15x100mm biplate1/pk
AG501CCFA15x100mm plate 1/pk
U11Tween 80, 5ml8oz wide mouth jarEach
AG302DuoPak A15x100mm plate2/pk
AG312DuoPak B15x100mm plate2/pk
U137PBS,Phos Buffer Sal,pH 7.5100ml PP bottleEach
AG303MultiPak A15x100mm plate3/pk
AG313MultiPak B15x100mm plate3/pk
AG801Brucella Agar w/H&K15x150mm plate1/pk
AG064BBE/LKV15x100 biplate 4/pk
AG304Brucella Agar w/H&K15x100mm plate4/pk
W31Nutrient Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
AS424Anaero BRU,PEA,LB,BBE/LKVAS, TBD AG301x2 & AG901x2Each
G277XLT4 Agar15x60mm plate 10/pk
46000040Colitag ComparatorCPI Intl, 100ml, EaEach
GA10Blood Agar 5% (RSR)15x100mm plate10/pk
GA35MacConkey Agar (RSR)15x100mm plate10/pk
GA50Columbia CNA Agar (RSR)15x100mm plate10/pk
W41TSA w/L+T, Deep Fill15x100mm plate10/pk
G25EMB Levine Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
A10Blood Agar, 5%15x100mm plate 10/pk
G35MacConkey Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
J57Columbia Blood/MacConkey15x100mm biplate 10/pk
A03Blood Agar, EH15x100mm plate 10/pk
G117Lactobacilli MRS Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
W43Standard Methods w/Chlora15x100mm plate 10/pk
U65Tryptic Soy Broth, 500mlPolyPro bottleEach
G45Mueller Hinton Agar, 28ml15x100mm plate 10/pk
G50SS Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
E14Chocolate Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G60TSA15x100mm plate 10/pk
Z061RNA Lysis Buffer0.6ml Cryogenic vialEach
A17Blood Agar, 8%15x100mm plate 10/pk
TSB100TSB Bag, 75ml100ml bag Each
A16Columbia Blood Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
A50Columbia CNA Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A70Selective Strep Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
E30Thayer Martin Mod. Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G12Bile Esculin Agar, BEA15x100mm plate 10/pk
G40Mannitol Salt Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G63HE Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
W70Sabdex Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G267TSA, 3XBag,2P/S, Irr.15x100mm irradiated2/pk
W18Corn Meal Agar w/Chloram15x100mm plate10/pk
A72Group A Beta Strep Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
A71Blood Agar, 10%15x100mm plate 10/pk
J21CLED/EMB15x100 biplate 10/pk
G128m Endo LES Agar15x60mm plate 10/pk
MC200Dipslides,CLED/MacConkeySolar Bio10/pk
MC300Dipslides,CLEDwPB/MAC AgrSolar Bio10/pk
MC400Dipslides,CLED/EMB LevineSolar Bio10/pk
MC500Dipslides, CLEDw/PB/EMBSolar Bio10/pk
U63TSB, 500mlPolycarbonate bottle1/pk
AS813Chopped Meat Glucose PRAS10/pk
W80Malt Extract Agr w/0.01%15x100mm plate10/pk
W56Nutrient Agar w/Glucose15x100mm plate 10/pk
G251Sulfite Polymyxin Milk Ag15x100mm plate 10/pk
J88Rose/EMB Agar15x100mm biplate10/pk
G11Bile Esculin Azide Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G43Standard Methods Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G65XLD Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
W10Corn Meal Agar w/Tween 8015x100mm plate 10/pk
W15BHI Agar, deep fill15x100mm plate 10/pk
W20Sabdex Agar, Emmons15x100mm plate 10/pk
W25Inhib.Mold Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
W51Nutrient Agar Plate15x100mm plate 10/pk
A66Rose Agar (CNA+PEA)15x100mm plate 10/pk
W250SabDex Agar, 60ml25x100mm plate 5/pk
G62TSA w/out plate label15x100mm plate10/pk
G220CIN (Yersinia) Agar15x100mm plate no lbl10/pk
AS824PY Sugars,Arabinose,PRAS10/pk
G165XLT4 Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G175Brilliant Grn Agr w/Novo15x100mm plate 10/pk
G151Tryptic Soy Agar Plate15x60mm plate 10/pk
AS830PY Sugars,Sucrose,PRAS10/pk
AS831PY Sugars,Trehalose,PRAS10/pk
AS859PY Sugars,Xylan,PRAS10/pk
W150BHI Agar w/Blood, 60ml25x100mm plate 5/pk
W163BHI Agar, 60ml25x100mm plate 5/pk
U74Sabdex Broth, 100ml16 oz jar Each
W83Cellulose Agar, Modified15x100mm plate 10/pk
J92Grp A Beta Strep/Blood,5%15x100mm biplate 10/pk
A59Mueller Hinton Agar w/Bld15x100mm plate 10/pk
E11Chocolate Agar w/Bacitrac15x100mm plate 10/pk
G263EMB Agar (HHT)15x100mm plate 10/pk
G126m FC w/1% Rosolic Acid15x60mm plate 10/pk
G109Antibiotic Medium #515x100mm plate 10/pk
U80TSB, 225ml16oz wide mouth jarEach
U81Fluid Thio, 225ml WM16oz wide mouth jar1/pk
W186BHIA w/C & G, 37ml25x100mm plate5/pk
A20BHI Agar w/Blood15x100mm plate 10/pk
A40Campy CVA Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
A60LKV Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
A90Anaerobic PEA15x100mm plate 10/pk
G05BBE Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G36MacConkey Agar w/Sorbitol15x100mm plate 10/pk
G42Letheen Agar Plate15x100mm plate 10/pk
G54R2A Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
W60Potato Dextrose Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
A30Brucella Agar w/H&K15x100mm plate 10/pk
AS807Campy,Thio tube PRAS10/pk
J129Bovine Bld w/Esc/MAC15x100 biplate 10/pk
G127m FC w/1% Rosolic Acid15x100mm plate 10/pk
W185BHIA w/5% SB, 37ml25x100mm plate 5/pk
SP10Blood Agar, 5%10x100mm SpSver 15/pk
G250Columbia Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
AS827PY Sugars,Rhamnose,PRAS10/pk
AS828PY Sugars,Salicin,PRAS10/pk
G225Non-Nutrient Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
J22Blood Agar, 5%/EMB Agar15x100mm biplate10/pk
J93Blood/Blood Agar, 5%15x100mm biplate 10/pk
G138Skim Milk Agar15x60mm plate 10/pk
J32Blood, 5%/MacConkey15x100mm biplate 10/pk
W50Mycobiotic Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G107Bile Esculin Azide w/VGA15x100mm plate 10/pk
J42Blood Agar, 5%/Chocolate15x100mm biplate 10/pk
J52CNA Agar/EMB Agar15x100mm biplate 10/pk
J85Rose/MacConkey Agar15x100mm biplate10/pk
J58MacConkey/EMB Agar15x100mm biplate10/pk
E39Martin Lewis w/Lincomycin15x100mm plate10/pk
G06Campy,Blood Free, Karmali15x100mm plate10/pk
G46Oxford Medium, Modified15x100mm plate10/pk
G96Baird Parker Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
W72Sabdex Agar w/Chloram.15x100mm plate10/pk
A80V Agar, G. vaginalis15x100mm plate10/pk
J62CNA/MacConkey Agar15x100mm biplate 10/pk
W58Inhibitory Mold Agar,60ml25x100mm plate 5/pk
G70TSA w/Cycloheximide15x100mm plate 10/pk
W27Inhib.Mold Agar w/Genta15x100mm plate 10/pk
G82Universal Beer Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
G75Brilliant Green Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
1737Jembec Martin Lewis PlateCultech10/pk
SP11BEA with Azide10x100mm SpSver 15/pk
U59Saline, 0.85%500ml PC BottleEach
J110Letheen/MacConkey Agar15x100mm biplate10/pk
G129CT-SMAC for E. coli 015715x100mm plate10/pk
J49CIN/MacConkey w/Sorbitol15x100mm biplate10/pk
G141Peptic Digest Agar w/F&N15x100mm plate10/pk
G18Cetrimide Select Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G20CIN Agar (Yersinia)15x100mm plate10/pk
G103Bile Esculin Azide w/Vanc15x100mm plate10/pk
MC100Dipslides,Nutr w/TTC/MACSolar Bio10/pk
MC600Dipslides,Nutr w/TTC/MEASolar Bio10/pk
MC660Dipslides,Nutrient w/TTCSolar Bio10/pk
MC800Dipslides,Nutr w/TTC/RoseSolar Bio10/pk
G55TCBS Agar, for Vibrio15x100mm plate10/pk
J315TSA Blood/CLED/MAC15x100 Triplate 10/pk
G237LB Ag,Lennox w/Carb15x100mm plate10/pk
G93Barney Miller Medium15x60mm plate10/pk
J102BBE/LKV Biplate15x100mm biplate 10/pk
J41Blood Agar/Choc. w/Bacit.15x100mm biplate10/pk
J72Chocolate/Mod.Thayr Martn15x100mm biplate10/pk
J87Brucella/LKV Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
G41TSA w/Lecithin & Tween15x100mm plate10/pk
G58Tergitol 7 Agar w/TTC15x100mm plate10/pk
G133m PA Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
G03R2A Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
W35Middlebrook 7H1115x100mm plate10/pk
R72BEA Broth w/Vancomycin13x100mm tube20/pk
W74SabdexAgar w/Chlor&Tetra15x100mm plate10/pk
Z051RNA Lysis BufferMicrotube, 1.5mlEach
U57Fraser Broth Base, 225ml16oz PP bottle1/pk
U35LB Broth, 500ml500ml PC bottle1/pk
K107Buffered Peptone Water16x125mm tube, 9ml20/pk
U62TSB, 500ml500ml glass bottleEach
U61Thio w/o Indicator, 500mlPolycarbonate bottleEach
J314Cetrimide/MAC/VJ15x100 Triplate10/pk
G49Lactobacilli MRS Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G258MacConkey w/Ciprofloxacin15x100mm plate10/pk
A143Bovine Selective Strep15x100mm plate10/pk
A122Campy Cefex Agar,Modified15x100mm plate10/pk
AG19HChopped Meat Gluc. Broth16x125mm tube20/pk
AG20HChopped Meat Carbo Broth16x125mm tube20/pk
AG21HChopped Meat Broth16x125mm tube20/pk
AG22HThio w/H&K, 9ml16x125mm tube20/pk
AG23HThio w/H&K, 7ml16x125mm tube20/pk
W85DG-18 Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A12Blood Agar w/Ampicillin15x100mm plate10/pk
A68RTF Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
W159Potato Flake Select. Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
W30Middlebrook 7H1015x100mm plate10/pk
W59Potato Flake Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
W65BHI Agar w/Bld, Chlr&Gent15x100mm plate10/pk
W96Potato Dextrose Agrw/TA15x100mm plate10/pk
A81V Agar w/CNA15x100mm plate10/pk
G145Pseudomonas Isolation Agr15x60mm plate10/pk
G159Sabdex Agar w/G & C15x60mm plate10/pk
E31Martin Lewis w/Lincomycin15x100mm PillPockt10/pk
K126TSB w/6.5% NaCl, 5ml16x100 screw cap20/pk
B01040WAThio-Bag (Water Sampling)Nasco,100ml100/pk
A300GBS Detect15x100mm plate10/pk
U10Phosphate Buffer500ml PP BottleEach
U20TB Base Digestant, 500ml500ml PP bottleEach
G13Standard Methods Agar15x100plate w/lid lbl 10/pk
R201Phosphate Buffered Saline13x100mm tube20/pk
J66BEA w/Azide CNA biplate15x100mm10/pk
J101Chocolate w/Bac./MTM15x100mm biplate10/pk
G17BiGGY Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G28m Endo Les Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G33HTM Agar (Haem.Test Med.)15x100mm plate10/pk
G47MRSA Screen Plate15x100mm plate10/pk
G97MSA w/Oxacillin15x100mm plate10/pk
E19Chocolate Agar w/Pyridox15x100mm plate10/pk
P09EMB, Eosin Methylene Blue15x60mm Contct plate10/pk
P34TSA w/Lecithin & Tween15x60mm Contct plate10/pk
X51Water, deI, sterile, 40ml50ml centrifuge tube25/pk
G301HardyCHROM Candida15x100mm plate10/pk
J115MSA/MSA Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
J118MacConkey/MacConkey Agar15x100mm biplate10/pk
G181Orange Serum Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
A150StrePlate15x100m PillPockt10/pk
R55Saline 0.85%13x100mm EP Glass20/pk
DMT10Derm-Duet II, DTM/ESA 2"x3"biplate10/pk
FP100FlexPaddle,TSAw/L&T/SsbdxSolar Bio10/pk
FP200FlexPaddle,TSAw/L&T/MACSolar Bio10/pk
FP400FlexPaddle,TSA w/L&TSolar Bio10/pk
W68Nutrient Agar 1.5%15x100mm plate 10/pk
R30TSB, 5ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R45Saline, 0.85%, 2ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R47Saline, 0.85%, 4ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R10BHI Broth, 0.5ml13x100mm tube20/pk
K85TSB, Filtered, 1ml16x100mm tube20/pk
U30Zephiran-TSP, 500ml500ml PP bottleEach
A186Bovine Bld Ag w/Mod Escul15x100mm plate10/pk
A188Bovine Blood Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A189Bovine Bld Agar w/Esculin15x100mm plate10/pk
D02TSB w/15% Glycerol 10/pkgCryovial 2ml w/NatCap10/pk
H51Potato Dextrose Agar15x150mm plate10/pk
P34DTSA w/Lec.&Tween,2X bag15x60 contct plate10/pk
G323HardyCHROM Carbapenemase15x100mm plate10/pk
K131TSB, 2ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K71CM Broth, Modified20x125mm tube, 9ml20/pk
G313HardyCHROM UTI15x100mm plate10/pk
A24Columbia Selective Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
R15BHI Broth, 2ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R20BHI Broth, 5ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R24MIO Medium Tube13x100mm tube20/pk
R27NaCl 6.5% Broth w/o Ind.13x100mm tube20/pk
R22Lysine Iron Agar(LIA) Slt13x100mm tube20/pk
R32TSI Agar Slant13x100mm tube20/pk
K27BHI Broth, 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K49NaCl 6.5% Broth w/Indic.16x100mm tube20/pk
K88TSB, 9ml16x100mm tube20/pk
L20Nutrient Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
Q10Motility Test Medium16x100mm tube20/pk
Q30SIM Medium16x100mm tube20/pk
K51Saline, 0.85%, 10ml16x125mm EP tube20/pk
L70KIA Slant16x125mm tube20/pk
Q01Agar Deep, 1.5%16x125mm, 9ml20/pk
L35BHI Agar Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
V25Water w/Tween, 24ml20x125mm tube20/pk
W23Brucella w/H&K, 26ml15x100mm plate10/pk
J122BBE/PEA15x100 biplate10/pk
U158TSA, 500ml500ml media bottleEach
R26NaCl 6.5% Broth w/Indic.13x100mm tube20/pk
L16TSI Agar Slant, 6ml16x100mm tube 20/pk
G321HardyCHROM ESBL15x100mm plate10/pk
L10Bile Esculin Agar, Slant16x100mmTube20/pk
K01GN Broth16x100mm tube20/pk
R31TSB, 2ml13x100mm tube20/pk
J350Derm-Duet Biplate15x100 biplate10/pk
J850Sab-Duet Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
Q20MIO Medium16x100mm tube20/pk
H53Standard Methods Agar15x150mm plate10/pk
J212CLED/Mueller Hinton15x100 biplate10/pk
W37Middlebrook 7H11 w/TCH15x100mm plate10/pk
K162PBS w/20% Glycerol16x100mm tube20/pk
AG24HPYG Broth16x125mm tube 20/pk
K265Mueller Hinton Cation Adj20x150mm tube10/pk
K59Saline, 0.85%, 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
D06BHI Broth,2.5ml15x45mm tube10/pk
L60TSA Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
G261Leeds Medium15x100mm plate10/pk
K89TSB, 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
R36TSB, 1ml13x100mm tube 20/pk
K105Neutralizing Buffer, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K25BHI Broth, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K117M Broth, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
G309HardyCHROM Salmonella15x100mm plate10/pk
J24XLD/Vogel and Johnson15x100 biplate10/pk
P19HardyCHROM VRE Agar15x60 Contct10/pk
J123BluEcoli Urine Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
K24Thio w/H&K, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
L90Potato Dextrose Agar Slnt20x125mm tube20/pk
R42Urea Agar Slant13x100mm tube20/pk
L50TSI Agar Slant16x125mm tube20/pk
G317HardyCHROM Listeria15x100mm plate10/pk
R38Mueller Hinton Broth13x100mm tube, 3ml20/pk
K39GN Broth,10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
EB20MSkim Milk 2X (DS), 10ml15x120 Cent tube20/pk
G259MDR Acinetobacter15x100mm plate10/pk
J107Sabdex C&G/DTM Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
J197MSA/MSA + Oxacillin15x100mm biplate10/pk
G147MYP Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G149PALCAM15x100mm plate10/pk
G14BHI Agar w/Vancomycin15x100mm plate10/pk
H07HTM Agar (Haem.Test Med.)15x150mm plate10/pk
G191WL Nutrient w/G & S15x60mm plate10/pk
U199PBS w/ 0.3% Tw 20, 500ml500ml PP BottleEach
P36Sabdex Agar15x60mm Contct plate10/pk
P16Baird Parker Agar,Con plate15x60mm10/pk
K17Lactobacilli MRS Broth16x125mm tube w/DT 20/pk
K21Thio w/Indicator, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
HVB1HardyVal TSB Bag, 700ml1L irradiated w/tails1/pk
J100HUrBi15x100mm biplate10/pk
K167Rapp-Vass R10 Broth, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
R199PBS w/ 0.3% Tween 20,1ml15x120mm tube20/pk
L25Lysine Iron Agar(LIA) Slt16x125mm tube20/pk
R40Tryptone Broth 2%13x100mm tube20/pk
Y11CTA Base Medium13x100mm tube20/pk
K91Mueller Hinton Broth16x100mm tube,5ml20/pk
K11Bile Esculin Azide Broth16x100mm tube20/pk
K22Thio w/H&K, 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K79Todd Hewitt Broth, 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
L21Phenylalanine Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
L36BHI Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
L37Chocolate Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
L45Mycobiotic Agar Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
Y44Moellrs Ornithine Decarb.16x125mm tube20/pk
G311HardyCHROM Staph aureus15x100mm plate 10/pk
J750Uro-Checkit Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
L12Blood Agar, 5%, Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
K109Butterfield's Phos.Buffer16x125mm tube,9ml20/pk
SRK35Saline,0.85%,5ml w/swabEnviroTrans20/pk
SRK25Letheen Broth,5ml w/swabEnviroTrans20/pk
SRK45D/E Neutralizing BrothEnviroTrans20/pk
L40Sabdex Agar Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
R54TB Diluting Fluid w/bead13x100mm tube,1ml20/pk
H11Mueller Hinton Agar15x150mm plate10/pk
K29Thio w/o Indicator, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
U180Tween 80500ml PP bottleEA
K23Thio w/Supplements16x125mm tube20/pk
K69Selenite Cystine Broth16x125mm tube 20/pk
K57Mod. Listeria Enrich.Brth16x125mm tube,10ml10/pk
P46SabDex w/L&T USP15x60mm Contct plate10/pk
J200Strep-Duet Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
L80Simmons Citrate Agar Slt16x100mm tube20/pk
W64TSA, 26ml15x100mm plate10/pk
K248Saline, 0.85%, 1ml16x100mm tube20/pk
C21LJ Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
K73Fluid Thio, Enriched16x125mm tube20/pk
K82TSB, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
W40Middlebrook 7H11 Sel15x100mm plate10/pk
E130Thayer Martin w/VCN15x100mm plate10/pk
K187Deionized Water, 5ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R196Phosphate Buffer, 3.0ml13x100mm tube20/pk
V03Water w/Tween, 3ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R70KIA Slant13x100mm tube20/pk
Y12CTA with Dextrose13x100mm tube20/pk
Y13CTA with Lactose13x100mm tube20/pk
Y14CTA with Maltose13x100mm tube20/pk
Y16CTA with Sucrose13x100mm tube20/pk
Y17CTA with Sorbitol13x100mm tube20/pk
Y51OF Base Medium13x100mm tube20/pk
Y57OF Dextrose Medium13x100mm tube20/pk
K110BHI Broth, 1ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K36Malonate Broth16x100mm tube20/pk
K37MR-VP Broth, 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K43Nutrient Broth, 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K52Saline, 0.85%, 9ml16x100mm tube20/pk
Q11Motility w/TTC Medium16x100mm tube20/pk
K53Saline, 0.85%, 9.9ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K65Tetrathionate Broth16x125mm tube20/pk
Y41Moellrs Decarb. Base16x125mm tube20/pk
Y42Moellrs Arginine Decarb.16x125mm tube20/pk
Y43Moellrs Lysine Decarb.16x125mm tube20/pk
L49Inhibitory Mold Ag w/Gent20x125 tube slant 20/pk
MV1MycoVue PFAMycoVue plate5/pk
L65Urea Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
P174TSA w/L&T80, 3XBag,Irr.15x60mm6/pk
R102Mycoplasma Broth13x100mm20/pk
W47Mid. 7H11 Agar w/Acriflv15x100 plate10/pk
SRK15Neutral Buf, 5ml w/swabEnviroTrans20/pk
H28Blood Agar, 5%15x150mm plate10/pk
A157Bovine Select Staph Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
142205InPouch T.vaginalis,ClipsBiomed12/pk
G114Nutrient Agar w/ MUG15x60mm plate10/pk
R93ONPG-PDA, 0.5ml13x100mm tube20/pk
Z160TB Prep Kit5/pk
G265ETA w/Antibiotics15x100mm plate 10/pk
G195m HPC Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A130Campy Selective Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
K64EC Broth w/MUG, 10ml16x125mm w/Durhm 20/pk
G358MacConkey w/Cipro, 1µg/ml15x100mm plate 10/pk
U244Brucella 400ml16oz glass bottleEach
K127Fluid Thio w/BE, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
G123Granada Medium15X100m plate10/pk
J181V Agar/Starch w/BCP15x100mm biplate10/pk
J75Middlebrook 7H11/7H11 Sel15x100mm biplate10/pk
G09BCSA, for B. cepacia15x100mm plate10/pk
W169BCYE w/GPVC, 26ml15x100mm plate10/pk
W28Malt Extract Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G178Violet Red Bile Ag w/Gluc15x100mm plate10/pk
J82Haemophilus ID Quadplate15x100mm quadplate10/pk
H19TSA15x150mm plate10/pk
G163WL Differential Medium15x60mm plate10/pk
P33Blood Agar 5%, CP15x60mm Contct plate10/pk
E452Chocolate AgarJembec plate 10/pk
J319EMB/MAC/Blood Agar 5%15x100 Tript10/pk
J321EMB/MAC/TSA15x100 Tript 10/pk
CB12Cryobeads,Brucella Brothw/Glycerol12/pk
R34TSB w/15% Glycerol, 2ml13x100mm tube20/pk
Y25MGP Broth, 2.0ml13x100mm tube20/pk
K113Todd Hewitt Br w/T&S, 3ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K19Cooked Meat w/Iron, H&K16x125mm tube20/pk
K45SF Broth16x125mm tube20/pk
K31FB Broth, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Q21Standrd Methds Ag,Dp 18ml20x125mm tube20/pk
C23LJ Gruft Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
L31BHI Agar w/Blood Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
K38Mueller Hinton Broth16x125mm tube,10ml20/pk
J300Strep-Quad Plate15x100mm Quadplate10/pk
R296CVM Transport Media, 1ml16x100mm tube20/pk
C36Middlebrook 7H11 Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
L97BHI Agar Slant, 5.5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
G453DTM AgarJembec plate 10/pk
P14HardyCHROM MRSA, CP15x60mm Contct plate 10/pk
G212Mycoplasma wCefoperazone15x100mm no plate lbl10/pk
G303HardyCHROM ECC15x100mm plate 10/pk
J135Acinetobacter Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
J112MRSA/VRE Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
G102Mycoplasma Agar15x100 plate10/pk
K76Diluting Fluid, 9.9ml16x125mm tube 20/pk
C34Middlebrook 7H10 Slant20x125mm tube 20/pk
H21Mueller Hinton Agar w/Bld15x150mm plate10/pk
G291SD-39 Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
J317Blood5%/MAC/V Agar15x100 Triplate10/pk
R96CVM Transport Media,2ml15x120mm tube20/pk
K234Thio w/H & K, 8ml16x100mm tube20/pk
U31Mueller Hinton Broth500mlEach
G305HardyCHROM O15715x100mm plate 10/pk
K148PBS,Phos Buffer Sal,7ml,pH 7.516x125mm tube20/pk
MV2MycoVue SabHI Agar w/C&GMycoVue Plate5/pk
K172GN Broth, Hajna DS20x125mm tube20/pk
K72Snyder Test Agar16x125mm tube20/pk
L42Pseudomonas Agar F16x125mm tube20/pk
L53Pseudomonas Agar P16x125mm tube20/pk
K420Pseudomonas P Agar20x125mm tube20/pk
P17HardyCHROM ECC Contact15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
R18Brucella Broth, 1ml13x100mm tube 20/pk
Y20CTA with Trehalose13x100mm tube 20/pk
R21BiGGY Agar Slant13x100mm tube,3ml20/pk
L15Acetate Differential Slnt16x100mm tube20/pk
L22NaCl 6.5% Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
K112Todd Hewitt Broth, 1ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K179TAT Broth w/L & T 3.0ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K61Lauryl Tryptose Broth, SS16x125mm tube20/pk
K09Brilliant Green Bile Brth20x125mm tube20/pk
K33Lauryl Tryptose Broth, SS20x125mm tube20/pk
Q58TSA Deep, 18ml20x125mm tube20/pk
X41Sabdex Agar w/Chloram.plastic HardyFlask20/pk
X57Sabdex Agar, Emmonsplastic HardyFlask20/pk
R33Todd Hewitt w/Tween13x100mm tube,0.5ml20/pk
K42Nitrate Broth16x100mm Tube20/pk
R99Viral Transport Media,2ml15x120mm tube20/pk
G283BHIA w/Vanco (3ug/ml)15x100mm plate 10/pk
G268EF-18 Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G294Starch Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G307HardyCHROM MRSA15x100mm plate 10/pk
G327HardyCHROM SS Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G333HardyCHROM VRE Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G287BHIA w/Vanco (8ug/ml)15x100mm plate10/pk
W87Rose Bengal w/Chloramphen15x100mm plate10/pk
G68TSA w/Aztreonam15x100mm plate10/pk
D14Choc. Agar Slant 10/pkgCryovial 10/pk
C31LJ w/o Glycerol Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
K207Letheen Broth, 9ml16x125mm tube 20/pk
G264TSAF Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
K251TAT Broth, 9ml20x125mm tube20/pk
C25LJ Selective Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
U114Peptone Water, 0.1%1oz glass bottle10/pk
G269BMA Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
K74Columbia Broth16x125mm tube20/pk
R92ONPG, Rapid Test Broth13x100mm tube20/pk
X75SabHI Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
K32Lauryl Tryptose Broth, DS20x125mm tube20/pk
R154Rapid Urea Medium13x100mm tube20/pk
K149Potas Phos Buffer w/MgCl16x125mm tube, 5ml20/pk
R396CVM Trnport Media,2mlbead15x120mm tube20/pk
H16LMA w/Lecithin & Tween15x150mm plate10/pk
J450Pathfinder Quad15x100mm quadplate10/pk
G266LMG Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
K75BHI w/H&K 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
J54SabDex 2%/DTM15x100 biplate10/pk
U70TSB,DS, 100ml8oz glass bottle12/pk
R225Page's Saline, 2ml13x100 tube 20/pk
C38Middlebrook 7H11 Sel Slnt20x125mm tube20/pk
L02Acetamide Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
Q23Nutrient Gelatin16x100mm tube20/pk
K54Sabdex Broth16x125mm tube20/pk
K28Thio w/Supplements, 15ml20x125mm tube20/pk
L47Inhib.Mold Agar Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
Q29Potato Dextrose Agar Deep20x125mm tube20/pk
Q77R2A Deep, 18ml20x125mm tube20/pk
K134TSB w/Lecithn & Twn 9 ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Q31Sabdex Agar Deep20x125mm tube20/pk
K58Saline, 0.85%, 10ml20x150mm tube20/pk
X13BHI Agar w/Bloodplastic HardyFlask20/pk
X15DTM Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
X25Middlebrook 7H11 Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
K13EC Broth20x125mm tube20/pk
U390Peptone Salt, 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
K47Peptone Water, 9ml20x125mm tube20/pk
H14BHI Agar, 69ml15x150mm plate10/pk
U119Mod. Mycoplasma Broth4oz Boston round bottleEach
G262YM-11 Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
J312Mastitis Triplate15x100 triplate 10/pk
Z217Germ Tube Cryo, 0.5ml20/pk
G289Double Mod. LIA15x100mm plate 10/pk
Y23Motility Nitrate13x100mm tube20/pk
L57LIM Broth for GrpB Strep16x100mm tube20/pk
K128Campy Thioglycollate16x100mm tube20/pk
L29Esculin Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
K03Alkaline Peptone Water16x125mm tube20/pk
K83TSB, 15ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Q18Letheen Agar, Deep 18ml20x125mm tube20/pk
K243Nutrient Broth, 20ml20x150mm tube20/pk
X10BHI Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
X32Potato Flake Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
K63EC Broth, SS16x125mm tube20/pk
L114BHI w/Bld,Chlr & Gent Ag20x125mm tube 20/pk
K18EC Broth w/MUG20x125mm tube20/pk
MV3MycoVue Corn Meal w/TweenMycoVue5/pk
U17Fluid A USP, 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U139HTM Broth, 500ml500ml PP bottle 1/pk
U105Lactose Broth w/L&T, 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U136Lactose Broth 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
K98Fraser Broth, Modified16x125mm tube20/pk
J400Uro-Quad Plate15x100mm quadplate10/pk
K170Asparagine Broth SS, 10ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Y205Trehalose Ferm.Brth, 5ml13x100mm 20/pk
P27CCFA15x60 Contact plate10/pk
A139Campy FDA Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
X73SabHI Ag w/Bl,Chlor&Cycloplastic HardyFlask20/pk
102015InPouch TV, Live CultureBiomed,T.vaginalisEach
K225Acanthamoeba Broth, 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
X58Deionized Water, 5ml50ml tube25/pk
P12Middlebrook 7H11, CP15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
290391HYcheck,Disinfectnt CntrlDifco20/pk
K66Brill. Grn Bile Brth,10ml16x125mm 20/pk
C32Middlebrook 7H9 Broth16x125mm tube20/pk
U85Sterile DeI Water, 100ml125ml PP Bottle12/pk
X11BHI Agar w/Chlr&Cycplastic HardyFlask20/pk
E450Thayer Martin ModifiedJembec plate 10/pk
B01254WAThio-Bag (Water Sampling)Nasco,300ml100/pk
P29(7-11)Chocolate Agar15x60mm Contact plate 10/pk
K106Letheen Broth, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K279Rapid Ornithine15x103mm tube20/pk
Z14Rapid Anginosus ID Kit10/pk
U223TSB, 25ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
X20Inhibitory Mold Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
X40Sabdex Agar,12 mlplastic HardyFlask20/pk
A62Neomycin Anaerob Bld Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A65Regan-Lowe Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G07BCYE Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
J104Respiratory Quad Plate15x100mm quadplate10/pk
L05ONPG Broth,1ml16x100mm tube20/pk
P28LMA w/Lecithin & Tween15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
G226Marine Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
U39Letheen Broth, 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U255Buff. NaCl Peptone, 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
G247RPMI 1640 w/MOPS & Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
K258BHI Broth w/Ciprofloxacin16x100mm tube20/pk
A100m FC Broth w/Rosolic AcidEdge, Ampules, 50/pk
SK700Template, Sampling, 5x5cmGammaIrradiated,50/pk
U155Saline 0.85%, 100ml125ml PP Bottle12/pk
L27DTM Agar Slant, 7.5ml10ml vial,20/pk
G02A8 for Mycoplasma15x60mm plate10/pk
G04PPLO Selective Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
A700HPC w/TTC Indicator Amp.Edge, 2ml,50/pk
A200m Endo Broth Ampules, 2mlEdge50/pk
U22TB Base Digestant, 100ml125ml HDPE bottle12/pk
K189Saline, 0.9%, 0.5ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K119Butterfield's Phos BufferPP tube w/screw cap20/pk
P80Malt Extract Agr w/0.01%Chloram, Contact Plate 10/pk
W117Czapek Yeast Agar15x100mm10/pk
W119Czapek Dox Agar15x100mm10/pk
G278mTEC11x50mm (Advantek) 10/pk
S37TSB, 5ml in Syringe12cc LuerLock Syring10/pk
Y21FID Agar Slant for NFB13x100mm tube10/pk
Y22FLN Agar Slant for NFB13x100mm tube10/pk
Y61Modified ALP Acetamide13x100mm tube10/pk
Y62Modified ALP Arabinose13x100mm tube10/pk
Y63Modified ALP Dextrose13x100mm tube10/pk
Y65NF LDC13x100mm tube10/pk
Y66Modified ALP Maltose13x100mm tube10/pk
Y67Modified ALP Mannitol13x100mm tube10/pk
Y68Modified ALP Lactose13x100mm tube10/pk
Y69Modified ALP Sucrose13x100mm tube10/pk
Y70Modified ALP Urea13x100mm tube10/pk
Y71Modified ALP Xylose13x100mm tube10/pk
G193Vogel and Johnson Agar15x100mm10/pk
G224D/E Neutralizing Agar15x100mm10/pk
J64BEA w/Azide biplate15x100mm10/pk
W63m Green Yeast & Mold Agar15x100mm 10/pk
J38Blood Agar/BEA biplate15x100mm10/pk
J108TSA/TSA15x100mm biplate10/pk
J127XLT-4 / BGA w/Novobiocin15x100mm biplate10/pk
J137Blood 5% / MTM Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
J139HE Agar/SS Agar15x100mm biplate10/pk
J160TSA/Blood Agar 5%15x100mm biplate10/pk
J44Choc./Martin Lewis w/Lin15x100mm biplate10/pk
J47TSA/MTM15x100mm biplate10/pk
J48Corn Meal Agar w/Tween 8015x100mm biplate 10/pk
J59PFA Sel / PFA Sel+Cyclo15x100mm biplate10/pk
J73Grp A Beta Strep Biplate15x100mm biplate10/pk
J74Brucella/Anaerobic PEA15x100mm biplate10/pk
J86PEA/LKV, Anaerobic15x100mm biplate10/pk
J116CNA/BluEcoli15x100mm biplate10/pk
J162Blood Agar 5%/Mann.Salt15x100mm biplate10/pk
J163MacConkey/Mannitol Salt15x100mm biplate 10/pk
G131Mitis-Salivarius Select15x100mm plate10/pk
W17Corn Meal Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A05Bordet Gengou Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
A112Heart Infusion Agar w/SB15x100mm plate10/pk
A137Campy Blood Agar, 18ml15x100mm plate10/pk
A165Columbia Blood Ag w/Gent15x100mm plate10/pk
A207Columbia Ag w/LHB & Genta15x100mm plate10/pk
A208Columbia Ag w/LHB,Gen&Pen15x100mm plate10/pk
A63Regan Lowe w/o Cephalexin15x100mm plate10/pk
E16Chocolate Agar w/Vanco.15x100mm plate10/pk
E20Mueller Hinton Agr w/Choc15x100mm plate10/pk
G01YM Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G115Tryptone Glucose Ext Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G119Tomato Juice Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G143Std Methods Agar w/BCP15x100mm plate10/pk
G146Mueller Hinton Agar, 10ml15x100mm plate10/pk
G152TSBA, 18ml15x100mm plate10/pk
G153PLET Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G170BCYE Selective Agr w/CCVC15x100mm plate10/pk
G192Starch Agar w/BCP15x100mm plate10/pk
G199Osmophilic Yeast Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G202Rogosa Agar,18ml15x100mm plate10/pk
G204TSA w/6% Yeast Extract15x100mm plate10/pk
G213Caffeic Acid Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G24DNAse w/Toluidine Blue15x100mm plate10/pk
G275IDF153 Medium15x100mm plate10/pk
G292Gardnerella Select. Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G37MacConkey Agar w/MUG15x100mm plate10/pk
G48PC Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G78Violet Red Bile Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G86Modified LIA Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G87BG Sulfa Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G92LPM Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G98V9 Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G99MacConkey Agar w/o C.V.15x100mm plate10/pk
W151Nutrient Agar w/0.5%Glyce15x100mm plate10/pk
W173Stachybotrys Selective Ag15x100mm plate 10/pk
W71Sabdex Agar w/Lec & Tween15x100mm plate10/pk
W75SabHI Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A93PEA w/5% Sheep Blood15x100mm plate10/pk
G52Staph 110 Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
W125m Green Yeast & Mold Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G16Candida Isolation Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A149Horse Blood Agar 5%15x100mm plate10/pk
G89Wilkins-Chalgren Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A135M.catarrhalis Sel. Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A201Blood Agr w/Erythromycin15x100mm plate10/pk
A211Sucrose Blood Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A61PNBA15x100mm plate10/pk
A77RTF Casman Agar Selective15x100mm plate10/pk
G172Brillnt Grn w/Sulfadiazne15x100mm plate10/pk
G108BCYE Agar w/o Cysteine15x100mm plate10/pk
G243Brucella Agar w/o EV15x100mm plate10/pk
G245XLD Agar w/Novobiocin15x100mm plate10/pk
G26Deoxycholate Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G61Tryptic Soy Ion Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G206Lipovitellin SMA15x100mm plate10/pk
G79LB Agar, Lennox w/Amp15x100mm plate10/pk
W73Sabdex C&G15x100mm plate10/pk
A98Schaedler Agar w/SB, H&K15x100mm plate10/pk
G180Ampicillin Dextrin Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G214Lacto MRS Agar w/Cyclo15x100mm plate10/pk
G215Egg Yolk Agar, Mod.15x100mm plate10/pk
G219Pseudomas Isolation Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G23DNAse w/o Indicator15x100mm plate10/pk
G345Mueller Hinton Agar, 20ml15x100mm plate10/pk
G85Luria Agar w/Kanamycin15x100mm plate10/pk
G209BCYE w/DGVP15x100mm plate10/pk
G44Std Methods Agar w/o Labl15x100mm plate10/pk
G601TSA, USP15x100mm plate10/pk
G122Casein Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G207TSA w/50ug/ml Kanamycin15x100mm plate10/pk
G59MH Agar w/Gluc & MB15x100mm plate10/pk
H57Malt Extract Agar15x150mm plate10/pk
H68TSA w/0.01% TTC15x150mm plate10/pk
H59MH w/Gluc & MB15x150mm plate10/pk
H145Todd Hewitt Agar15x150mm plate10/pk
H25Chocolate Agar15x150mm plate10/pk
H31Mueller Hinton Agr w/Choc15x150mm plate10/pk
H35Rose Bengal Ag w/Chloram15x150mm plate10/pk
H39Sabdex Agar15x150mm plate10/pk
P32R2A Agar15x60 contact plate10/pk
P62PDA w/Lecithin & Tween15x60 contact plate10/pk
P67PDA w/Sodium Thiosulfate15x60 contact plate10/pk
P47MacConkey Agar15x60mm contact plate10/pk
G101Corn Meal Agar w/Tween8015x60mm plate10/pk
G182Universal Beer Ag w/Cyclo15x60mm plate10/pk
G197Lactobacilli MRS Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
G91Orange Serum Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
G94Potato Dextrose Agar w/TA15x60mm plate10/pk
G248PPLO Select Agar, TAAP15x60mm plate10/pk
G148Standard Methods Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
G176Lactobacilli MRS Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
G179Lactobacilli MRS w/Cyc15x60mm plate10/pk
G95m HPC Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
G150m-PA-C Agar15x60mm plates10/pk
W191Chocolate Agar, 20ml25x100mm 5/pk
W193Blood Agar, 5%, 19ml25x100mm plate5/pk
X67Fletchers Media, 10ml2oz glass bottle10/pk
J119Blood Agar/UTI15x100 biplate10/pk
P42Rose Bengal Agr w/Chloram15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
P51Standard Method Agr w/L&T15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
P54R2A w/D/E15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
P56Standard Methods Agar15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
P83Cellulose Agar, Modified15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
P93Malt Extract Agar15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
P99D/E Neutralizing Agar15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
P251BCYE Agar15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
P98Mannitol Salt Agar15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
X14BHI Agar w/Bld, Chlr&Gentplastic HardyFlask20/pk
R97Nitrate Substrate Broth13x100mm tube20/pk
Y52OF Maltose Medium13x100mm tube20/pk
Y54OF Lactose Medium13x100mm tube20/pk
Y55OF Sucrose Medium13x100mm tube20/pk
Y58OF Fructose Medium13x100mm tube20/pk
C62Middlebrook 7H9 Brth w/Tw16x125mm tube,5ml20/pk
K174Iron Ppt. Bact. Med,10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K164Tetrathionate Broth w/BG16x125mm tube20/pk
C29LJ w/NaCl Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
K86Azide Dextrose Broth, SS20x125mm tube20/pk
Q27m FC w/1% Rosolic Acid20x125mm tube,18ml20/pk
X26Middlebrook 7H10 Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
Y79Andrades Base, 9ml16x125mm tb20/pk
W13Corn Meal Agar w/Dextrose15x100mm plate10/pk
G244Brucella Agar w/EV15x100mm plate10/pk
K208Butterflds Phos.Buf,9.9ml16x125mm tube20/pk
R14Rapid VP13x100mm tube20/pk
Y24CTA w/ Salicin13x100mm tube20/pk
G284BHIA w/Vanco (4ug/ml)15x100mm plate10/pk
B01319WARinse Bags, PoultryNasco250/pk
G156Bacillus Cereus Sel Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G198Pseudomonas Agar F15x100mm plate10/pk
G201Pseudomonas Agar P15x100mm plate10/pk
K358BHI with Cipro, 1µg/ml16x100mm tube20/pk
G105PPLO Selective Agar15x100mm 10/pk
C61Wallenstein Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
SK701Template,Sampling,10x10cmGamma Irradiated50/pk
U98Middlebrook OADC, 100ml125ml,1x100mlEach
U19Fluid A, 100ml125ml PP bottle12/pk
J316Blood 5%/CLED/EMB15x100 Triplate10/pk
G08BCYE Selective Agar w/CAV15x100mm plate10/pk
X30Mycobiotic Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
K194MacConkey Broth w/DT, 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
U186Univ Preenrch Broth,90ml125ml PP bottle12/pk
X34LJ Selective Slant, 12mlplastic HardyFlask20/pk
G113CGB Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
U75D/E Neutralizing Broth8oz wide mouth jar,90ml12/pk
J157BHIA w/Vanco. Biplate15x100 biplate10/pk
A57MH Agar w/SB & Calcium15x100mm plate10/pk
R85SP4 Broth w/Arginine13x100mm tube20/pk
R86SP4 Broth w/Glucose13x100mm tube20/pk
R87SP4 Broth w/Urea13x100mm tube20/pk
W34Midd. 7H10 Agar w/Ampho.15x100mm plate10/pk
G315HardyCHROM E. sakazakii15x100mm plate10/pk
K16Diluting Fluid,9.9ml16x125 w/hungte cap20/pk
U201Peptone Water 0.1%,500ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
X22LJ Media Slantplastic HardyFlask20/pk
A197Eugon Agar w/10% Horse Bl15x100mm plate10/pk
Z140Strep B Carrot Broth Kit20 tests per kit20/pk
U150Butterflds Phos.Buf 450ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U154Butterflds Phos Buf 400ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
G272m FC w/1% Rosolic Acid11x50mm (Advantek)10/pk
X50Tween Water, 38mlTPRT vial,50ml25/pk
X19LJ w/Pyruvateplastic HardyFlask20/pk
H05Brucella Agar w/H&K15x150mm plate10/pk
K325Naegleria Broth16x100mm tube20/pk
G154R2A Agar,Irr. Dbl Bag15x100mm plate20/pk
U41Fluid Thio, 100ml8oz wide mouth12/pk
46000111CSterl Coliform Sample bottleCPI Intl,w/oSodThio100/pk
G218Pseudomonas Select Agr15x100mm plate10/pk
A178TSA SB w/Chloram.15x100mm plate10/pk
E248Choc Agar w/Catalase15x100mm plate10/pk
G351RCM w/Na Lactate15x100mm plate10/pk
U146Lactose Broth, 225ml12oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U40Letheen Broth, 99ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U132Fluid A, 300ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U151Butterflds Phos Buf 225ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U153UVM Broth, 225ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U145Lactose Broth, 225ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U270Sabdex Agar, 200ml500ml PP Bottle10/pk
K184Buffered Gelatin Diluent20x150mm tube20/pk
R02A8 Biphasic,13x100mm tube3ml Slant/3ml broth20/pk
W45Midd 7H11 w/Mycobactin J15x100mm plate10/pk
G223CLED Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
H08BCYE Agar15x150mm plate10/pk
U156Maximum Recv Diluent 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
X28Middlebrook 7H11, Selectiplastic HardyFlask20/pk
W78Schizo Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
W95Liver Infusion Agar Sel.15x100mm plate10/pk
H37Inhibitory Mold Agar15x150mm plate10/pk
X52Transgrowplastic HardyFlask20/pk
A27BVCC Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
46000121CColitag Sample bottle, StrlCPI Intl,120ml,w/Sod.ThioEach
G167TSA, Irradiated,Trpl Bag15x100mm plate20/pk
G21SP4 Agar w/Glucose15x60mm plate10/pk
U290Butterfield Phos Buf 100m125ml PP Bottle12/pk
H17MAC w/arabinose15x150mm plate10/pk
34108041Storage Solution475ml bottle-for pH electEach
Q32Regan-Lowe Semi Solid13x100mm tube20/pk
R88PPLO Selective Broth13x100mm tube20/pk
L75Dermatophyte Milk Agar16x100mm tube20/pk
Y130Pyruvate Broth16x100mm tube20/pk
K103VRE Broth, 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K08BHI Broth w/5% Fildes10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K84Fluid Thio, 15ml20x125mm tube20/pk
C09ATS Medium Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
C27LJ Deep20x150mm tube20/pk
U92Lactose Broth, 99ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
X12BHI Agar w/Blood & Gent.plastic HardyFlask20/pk
X59Potato Flake Sel. Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
X21Lowenstein Jensen w/Ironplastic HardyFlask20/pk
Y102Purple Broth w/Arabinose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y109Purple Broth w/Maltose16x125mm tube,w/DT20/pk
Y110Purple Broth w/Mannitol16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y114Purple Broth w/Sorbitol16x125mm tube,w/DT20/pk
Y116Purple Broth w/Trehalose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y304Phenol Red w/Dextrose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y306Phenol Red w/Galactose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y308Phenol Red w/Inulin16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y309Phenol Red w/Lactose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y310Phenol Red w/Maltose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y311Phenol Red w/Mannitol16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y312Phenol Red w/Raffinose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y314Phenol Red w/Salicin16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y315Phenol Red w/Sorbitol16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y316Phenol Red w/Sucrose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y317Phenol Red w/Trehalose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y318Phenol Red w/Xylose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Y319Phenol Red w/Mannose16x125mm tube,w/DT 20/pk
Q12Corn Meal Agar w/Tween 8020x125mmTb,18ml20/pk
G104TSA w/Tween 80&MgSO4,17ml15x100mm plate10/pk
G121MacConkey Ag w/Cefotaxime15x100mm plate10/pk
G142MacConkey Ag w/Nalidixic15x100mm plate10/pk
G158Mac Agar w/Trimethoprim15x100mm plate10/pk
G187African Violet Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A133S. pneumo Selective Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G155VPSA15x100mm plate10/pk
G203Malassezia Minimal Agar15x100mm plate 10/pk
G118M9 Minimal Media15x100mm plate10/pk
G10HHD Medium15x100mm plate10/pk
G221Mod Letheen Ag15x100mm plate10/pk
G231Deoxycholate Citrate Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G67AK#2 Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G162ACP Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
G242HE Agar w/Novobiocin15x100mm plate10/pk
G83E-Dextrose Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
H142Letheen Agar15x150mm plate10/pk
H97Cooke Rose Bengl w/o Ant15x150mm plate10/pk
U385Nutrient Agar, 25ML2oz BR bottle16/pk
X23Lowenstein Jensen, Gruftplastic HardyFlask20/pk
U234Nutrient Broth, 100ml125ml PP Bottle12/pk
Y125Carbon Util.Base Slt, 8ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Y128Carbon Util.Citrate, 8mlSlant 20x125mm tube20/pk
G217CD Polymyxin B Plate15x100mm10/pk
SRK75EnviroTrans Monitor KitSter,10x5mltub,5TestsEach
U386Tryptic Soy Agar, 25ml2oz BR bottle16/pk
Z205Rapid Trehalose Broth20/pk
G295LM-137 Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
J325Mastitis Quad15x100 Quad10/pk
Q46Peptone Iron Agar16x125mm tube20/pk
U34LB Broth, 100ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U125MacConkey Broth, 100ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
R135Koser Citrate Broth13x100mm tube20/pk
U143Buf. Peptone Water, 400ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U330Saline & Tween80Serum bottle 100ml20/pk
X61Deionized Water, 10ml50ml centfg tube25/pk
U173Fluid Thio, 200ml12oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U177TSB, 200ml12oz wide mouth jar12/pk
A136VTEC Agar15x100mm plate10/pk
A198Modified Timoney Shin15x100mm plate10/pk
221240GC II w/Iso VitaleX 150mmBD, **D/S Only**Each
P15PLET Agar15x60mm Contact plate10/pk
KS70YE50CryoCare Cryobeads, yell.Key Sci50/pk
P45TSA w/L&T15x60mm CP20/pk
U12Peptone Water, 100ml4oz glass bottle20/pk
P43Malt Extract Agar15x60mm CP 20/pk
X92Wallenstein Mediaplastic HardyFlask20/pk
U88TAT Broth, 99ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U227Sabdex Agar, 200ml16 oz glass bottle12/pk
G276KF Streptococcus Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
U86SP4 Broth w/Glucose,90ml125ml PP bottleEach
U3121Fluid Thio 100ml8oz BR bottle12/pk
G253TSA w/L+T, Irrad. 2Xbag15x100mm plate20/pk
U142Buf. Peptone Water 225ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
Q65Nutrient Agar Deep20x150mm tube20/pk
X45TB Base Digestant, 50ml2oz bottle25/pk
U191SP4 Broth w/glucose4oz bottleEach
Z604Nocardia Hydrolysis Kit20tube/4 media typeEach
102010InPouch TV, T. vaginalisBiomed,10 testsEach
U152TSB,w/Pot.Sulf 0.5%, 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U194SP4 Br w/Glucose,100ml125ml PC bottle Each
U135Fluid D USP, 100ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U312Fluid Thio 150ml8oz BR bottle12/pk
U235PBS w/0.05% T20125ml HDPE NM bottle12/pk
J131XLT-4/BGA w/Sulfaduazine15x100mm biplate10/pk
J259PFA w/Cip&V/PFA w/Cip,V,C15x100mm biplate10/pk
U178TSC Diluent, 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
1502BullsEye Urine PlateHealthlink10/pk
SP57Middlebrook 7H11 ThinPour10x100mm SpaceSaver15/pk
U157Saline, 0.85%, 1L1L PP bottle10/pk
U159Saline, 0.45%, 1LiterPP bottle10/pk
U190Butterflds Phos.Buf 500ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U77TAT Broth, 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
H27Blood Agr 5% w/Gentamicin15x150mm plate 10/pk
A451Selective Strep AgarJembec plate10/pk
U225TSB,DS, 25ml4oz BR glass bottle12/pk
U210Fluid D, 300ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U215Fluid D, USP, 500ml500ml PP Bottle10/pk
U193Phos.Buf. w/MgCl, 500ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U133Tryptic Soy Broth, 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
Q16BHI Agar Deep20x150mm tube20/pk
Q63MacConkey Agar Deep20x150mm tube20/pk
X43Phosphate Buffer, 40ml2oz PP bottle25/pk
U123Butterflds Phos.Buf 225ml12oz wide mouth jar12/pk
J127BXXLT-4 / BGA w/Novobiocin15x100 biplate10/pk
H98Mueller Hinton Ag w/LHB15x150mm plate10/pk
G32SP4 Agar w/Arginine15x60mm plate 10/pk
G232Mycoplasma Agar, Frey's15x100 plate w/o label10/pk
U134TSB w/Lec&Tween80,90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U52TSB, 20ml2oz BostonRound w/septum16/pk
Y98Andrades w/Galacturonate16x125mm tube20/pk
L225Enteroscreen4 for SS16x125mm20/pk
U32Middlebrook 7H9 Broth500ml BottleEach
U299Peptone Water 0.5%, 99ml4oz BostonRound bottle20/pk
G35BXMacConkey Agar15x100mm plate100/pk
A10BXBlood Agar 5%15x100mm plate100/pk
U15Tween 80 1ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
P74TSA w/L&T,Irrad TripleBag15x60mm contact plate20/pk
P75Sabdex w/L&T,Irrad,TrplBg15x60mm contact plate20/pk
G257SabDex w/L+T,Irrad. 2Xbag15x100mm plate20/pk
X31Phosphate Buffer, 30ml2oz PP bottle25/pk
U184Phosphate Buffer, 250ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U192Phosphate Buffer, 1L, pHNarrow Mouth PP bottle10/pk
U36Mueller Hinton Agr,47.5ml2oz glass bottle24/pk
U107SabDex Agar, Emmons 150ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U207Fluid Thioglycllate,150ml200ml serum bottle12/pk
J57BXColumbia Blood/MacConkey15x100 biplate100/pk
Z005Basic Fuchsin 1:25,00020ml20/pk
Z006Basic Fuchsin 1:50,00020ml20/pk
Z007Basic Fuchsin 1:100,00020ml20/pk
U16Tween 80 10ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U171Tryptic Soy Broth, 160ml8oz BR glass bottle12/pk
U247Fluid Thio Medium 200ml8oz BR glass bottle12/pk
G254TMB Plus Media15x100mm plate10/pk
U296Violet Red Bile Agr,200ml8ox glass bottle12/pk
L59LIM Broth, 5ml16x100 tube *GRND ONLY100/pk
K02Diamonds Medium, Modified16x100mm tube20/pk
K34Litmus Milk Broth16x100mm tube20/pk
K26Jordans Tartrate Deep16x100mm tube20/pk
L28Loefflers Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
K56Schaedler Brth w/5%Fld16x125mm tube20/pk
K93Arylsulfatase,0.001M,2ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K94Arylsulfatase,0.003M,2ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K219Cooked Meat Medium, 15ml20x125mm tube20/pk
C28LJ w/Pyruvate Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
C51Trichophyton #120x125mm tube20/pk
C54Trichophyton #420x125mm tube20/pk
U42TSB, 100ml4oz Boston Round20/pk
U43Thio w/o Indicator, 100ml4oz glass bottle20/pk
U71TSB, 100ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U291EE Broth Mossel 90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
E14BXChocolate Agar15x100mm plate100/pk
G60BXTSA15x100mm plate100/pk
U97m Endo Broth, 50ml4oz BR bottle20/pk
SK711Bacti-Sponge, gamma irrad50/pk50/pk
S15TSI Agar Slt,SlipCap,10ml16x125 Rnd Btm tube100/pk
U294Potato Dext. Agar, 200ml8oz glass bottle12/pk
U254R2A Agar, 200ml8oz glass bottle12/pk
U260TSA, 200ml8oz glass bottle12/pk
U295Standard Methds Ag, 200ml8oz glass bottle12/pk
MFCR200MediaAmpule,m-FCw/RosolicAdvantek, 2ml50/pk
MPA200Media Ampule, m-PAAdvantek, 2ml50/pk
COLI200Media Ampule, m-Endo*Advantek, 2ml50/pk
TCI200Media Ampl, m-TGE w/indicAdvantek,2ml50/pk
YMM200Media Ampls, m-GreenAdvantek,2ml,Yeast&MoldEach
U96Violet Red Bile Agar125ml PC bottle,100ml 16/pk
K351RCM w/Na Lactate16x125mm tube20/pk
A70BXSelective Strep Agar15x100mm plate100/pk
U56TSB, 100ml Unlabeled100ml bottle w/septum20/pk
U78TAT Broth, 99ml4oz BostonRound bottle20/pk
U87TAT Broth, 90ml4oz BostonRound bottle20/pk
A16BXColumbia Blood Agr15x100mm plate100/pk
A50BXColumbia CNA15x100mm plate100/pk
K186Deionized Water20x150mmTube,15ml20/pk
R13Sabdex Agar w/Chlor.Slant13x100mm tube20/pk
R132TSB w/Ind., 4.0ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R137Heart Infusion Broth, 5ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R39Mueller Hinton Agar Slant13x100mm tube20/pk
R41TSB, 3ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R44Saline, 0.45%, 2ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R46Saline, 0.85%, 6ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R23TCBS Agar Slant13x100mm tube20/pk
R48Saline, 0.45%, 1ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R49Middlebrook 7H11 Slant13x100mm tube20/pk
R83SP4 Broth w/Urea, 4.5ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R84SP4 Broth Plain, 2ml13x100mm tube20/pk
R80PPLO Broth, 5ml13x100mm tube20/pk
Y10CTA with Cellobiose13x100mm tube20/pk
Y15CTA with Mannitol13x100mm tube20/pk
Y18CTA with Mannose13x100mm tube20/pk
Y19CTA with Xylose13x100mm tube20/pk
Y53OF Mannitol Medium13x100mm tube20/pk
Y56OF Xylose Medium13x100mm tube20/pk
Y120Fermentation Brth Bs,2ml13x100mm 20/pk
G185TSA w/Penase Irr,TrpBag15x100mm plate20/pk
G177Sabdex, Irrad, Triple Bag15x100mm plate 20/pk
R126Std Sampling Soln, 1ml15x120mm tube20/pk
K102Letheen Broth, 2ml15x75mm PP tube20/pk
K185Water, Deionized, 1ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K198Phosphate Buffer, 10ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K237MR-VP Broth, 2ml16x100mm tube20/pk
K77GPM Broth, 9ml16x100mm tube20/pk
L30MacConkey Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
L32Mannitol Salt Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
L34Cetrimide Sel Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
L96Tech Agar Slant, 5.5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
Q09MIL Medium16x100mm tube20/pk
K147Indole Nitrate Broth16x100mm tube20/pk
K07BHI Broth w/Agar & Fildes16x100mm tube20/pk
L13Caffeic Acid Agar Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
L98Serum Tellurite Agr Slant16x100mm tube20/pk
K114Todd Hewitt Br w/0.5%Y Ex16x100mm tube,4.5ml20/pk
K123Saline,0.9% w/Tween, 9ml16x125m tube20/pk
K255Neutralizing Saline16x125mm tube20/pk
K05Dextrose Tryptone Broth16x125mm tube,9ml20/pk
K92Zephiran-TSP w/BTB Ind.16x125mm tb,10ml20/pk
K158Pyrazinamidase Agar, 5ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K132TSB,w/0.075%Phytagel 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K133TSB w/Glycerol & Agar 5ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K135Brucella Br w/Gly&Agr 5ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K168Fluid D, USP, 9ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K191EE Broth Mossel, 9ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K213m Staph Broth, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K218Brucella Broth, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K68Sodium Citrate, 5ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K90TSB, USP, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K96UVM Broth, 3ml16x125mm tube20/pk
L86SabHI Agar Slant16x125mm tube20/pk
Q43Motility Indole16x125mm tube20/pk
V13Water w/Tween, 13ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K108D/E Neutralizng Brth,10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K171YPD Broth, 5ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K246Rapp-Vass, USP16x125mm tube20/pk
L17Czapek Dox Slant16x125mm tube20/pk
L73Regan-Lowe Slant16x125mm tube20/pk
L92Tomato Juice Agar Slant16x125mm tube20/pk
L95Nitrate Assimiliation,Mod16x125mm tube20/pk
Y100Purple Broth Base, 9ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y320Phenol Red w/Amygdalin16x125mm tube20/pk
Y321Phenol Red w/Glucoside16x125mm tube20/pk
Y322Phenol Red w/Glycerol16x125mm tube20/pk
Y81Andrades w/Arabinose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y82Andrades w/Cellobiose10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y83Andrades w/Dulcitol 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y84Andrades w/Inositol 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y85Andrades w/Maltose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y86Andrades w/Raffinose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y87Andrades w/Rhamnose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y88Andrades w/Mannitol 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y89Andrades w/Dextrose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y90Andrades w/Sucrose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y91Andrades w/Lactose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y92Andrades w/Trehalose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y93Andrades w/Sorbitol 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y94Andrades w/Xylose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y95Andrades w/Salicin 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y96Andrades w/Galactose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
Y97Andrades w/Fructose 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K138HTM Broth, 11ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K125Mod. LTB w/MUG, SS16x125mm tube 20/pk
K139HTM Broth, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K217Lact MRS Brth pH 5.0, 9ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K175TSC Agar Deep, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K231G. vaginalis Broth, 10ml16x125mm tube20/pk
K159Buffered Yeast Extract16x125mm tube,10ml20/pk
K151Peptone Broth16x125mm tube,5ml20/pk
K152Peptone Broth w/1% NaCl16x125mm tube,5ml20/pk
K153Peptone Broth w/6% NaCl16x125mm tube,5ml20/pk
K154Peptone Broth w/8% NaCl16x125mm tube,5ml20/pk
K155Peptone Broth w/11% NaCl16x125mm tube,5ml20/pk
SRK55EnviroTrans Neutrl Saln20/pk
K136UVM Broth20x125 tube,20ml20/pk
K121Fluid Thio., 10ml20x125mm tube20/pk
K165Tetrathionate Broth,10ml20x125mm tube20/pk
K173Asparagine Broth DS, 10ml20x125mm tube20/pk
K205Fluid A, 18ml20x125mm tube20/pk
K209Butterfields PhosBufr,9ml20x125mm tube20/pk
K97Phosphate Buffer, 4.5ml20x125mm tube20/pk
L33BHI Agar w/Chlr&Cyc Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
L43Sabdex w/Chloramphenicol20x125mm tube20/pk
L67MEA w/BCP & Gent Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
L87SabHI Agar Slant20x125mm tube20/pk
Q56Tinsdale Base, Deep 18ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Q59HIA, 20ml Deep20x125mm tube20/pk
V15Water w/Tween, 15ml20x125mm tube20/pk
C52Trichophyton #220x125mm tube20/pk
C53Trichophyton #320x125mm tube20/pk
C55Trichophyton #520x125mm tube20/pk
C56Trichophyton #620x125mm tube20/pk
K206Letheen Broth, 10ml20x125mm tube20/pk
K317Lactobacilli MRS Broth20x125mm tube20/pk
K87Azide Dextrose Broth, DS20x125mm tube20/pk
L115DTM Agar Slant, 10ml20x125mm tube20/pk
L89SabHI Agar w/Bld,Chlr&Cyc20x125mm tube20/pk
Q13TSA w/Lecithn & Twn Deep20x125mm tube20/pk
Q17m Endo LES Agar Deep,18ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Q37TSA w/TTC, Deep 20ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Q45Sabdex Agar Deep, 20ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Q47D/E Neutralizing Agr,20ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Q52TCBS Deep (pour tube)20x125mm tube20/pk
Q75SabDex Agar w/L&T18mlDeep20x125mm tube20/pk
Q25GC Agar Base, Deep 18ml20x125mm tube20/pk
C57Trichophyton #720x125mm tube20/pk
Y127Carbon Util.Mannitol, 8ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Q19Mueller Hinton Agar,20ml20x125mm tube20/pk
Y126Carbon Util.Inositol, 8ml20x125mm tube20/pk
K268Selenite Cystne w/Dul SS20x125mm tube20/pk
K269Selenite Cystne w/Dul DS20x125mm tube20/pk
K44Mod. LTB w/ MUG, DS20x125mm tube20/pk
Q15Brucella Agar Deep w/H&K20x125mm tube20/pk
L14BiGGY Agar Slant20x125mm tube,10ml20/pk
K145Saline, 0.85%, 30ml20x150mm tube20/pk
K215PE2 Medium, 19ml20x150mm tube20/pk
SRK20Neutral Buf, 2ml w/swabEnviroTrans20/pk
SRK30Saline,0.85%,2ml w/swabEnviroTrans20/pk
SRK95NaCl w/Na ThiosulfateEnviroTrans20/pk
X80Malt Extract w/Chloramph.HardyFlask 2xfill20/pk
X49DG-18 AgarHardyFlask 2xfill20/pk
X62Potato Dextrose Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
X55Chocolate Agarplastic HardyFlask20/pk
X29Aspartic Acid Mediumplastic HardyFlask20/pk
K116Neutralizing BufferPP tube w/screw cap20/pk
K118Letheen BrothPP w/screw cap20/pk
L128Malt Ext Agr w/0.01% chlSlant,16x100 tube20/pk
R98BEA Broth w/Vanco, 1ml15x120 tube20/pk
K06D/E Broth w/Tween & MgSO416x100mm,4.5ml fill20/pk
L55Corn Meal Agar w/Tween 8016x100mmTube,slant20/pk
K55Diluting Fluid, 4.5ml16x125 w/hungte cap20/pk
K15Lactobacilli MRS Broth16x125mm tube 20/pk
K223Lactose Broth 1x16x125mm tube20/pk
K195Buffered Peptone Water16x125mm tube,10ml20/pk
Y80Andrades Brth w/Adonitol16x125mm tube,10ml 20/pk
Y101Purple Broth w/Adonitol16x125mm tube20/pk
Y103Purple Broth w/Cellobiose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y104Purple Broth w/Dextrose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y105Purple Broth w/Dulcitol16x125mm tube20/pk
Y106Purple Broth w/Inositol16x125mm tube20/pk
Y107Purple Broth w/Inulin16x125mm tube20/pk
Y108Purple Broth w/Lactose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y111Purple Broth w/Raffinose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y112Purple Broth w/Rhamnose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y113Purple Broth w/Salicin16x125mm tube20/pk
Y115Purple Broth w/Sucrose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y117Purple Broth w/Xylose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y118Purple Broth w/Galactose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y119Purple Broth w/Mannose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y300Phenol Red Broth Base16x125mm tube20/pk
Y301Phenol Red w/Adonitol16x125mm tube20/pk
Y302Phenol Red w/Arabinose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y303Phenol Red w/Cellobiose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y305Phenol Red w/Dulcitol16x125mm tube20/pk
Y307Phenol Red w/Inositol16x125mm tube20/pk
Y313Phenol Red w/Rhamnose16x125mm tube20/pk
Y99Purple Broth w/Sorbose16x125mm tube20/pk
K193Lactose Sulphite Media16x125mm w/Durhm tube20/pk
K157DNAse w/Tol. Blue Slant16x125mm, 6.5ml slant20/pk
K35Lauryl Sulfate w/MUG16x125mm,w/Durham tube20/pk
K14EC Broth, DS20x125mm w/Durhm tube20/pk
K137Lactose Broth, 2x, 10ml20x125mm w/Durhm tube20/pk
K146PBS,Phos Buffer Sal,9mlpH7.5, 16x125mm tube20/pk
K163PBS, Phos Buf Sal, 9.9mlpH7.5,16x125mm tube20/pk
K221Wilkins-Chalgren Br, 10ml16x125 tube20/pk
U108Tryptic Soy Broth, 100ml8oz wide mouth Septum12/pk
R04PPLO Biphasic,13x100mm tb3ml Slant/3ml broth 20/pk
46000011Colitag Test MediaCPI Intl,100ml,20/pk
U112TSA 1.5X Strength, 150ml8oz glass BostonRound20/pk
U261TSB w/L&T, 100ml8oz wide mouth jar 12/pk
A17BXBlood Agar. 8%15x100mm plate 100/pk
U124But Phos Buffer,190ml12oz wide mouth jar12/pk
102108InPouch TV SubcultureBiomed, pouches,10/pk
Q24Mueller Hinton Agar,18ml20x125mm tube20/pk
U241TSB w/Lec & Tween 20,90ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
U46TSB, 100ml100ml bottle w/septum20/pk
U47Fluid Thio, 100ml100ml bottle w/septum20/pk
U110Fluid D USP, 100ml100ml bottlee w/septum20/pk
U79TSB, 70ml100ml s.bottle w/septum20/pk
U53TSB w/Lec & Tween20,100ml100ml bt w/Sept Inkj20/pk
U95Standard Methods Agar4oz glass bottle,100ml20/pk
U93Listeria Enrichment Broth4oz glass bottle,99ml20/pk
C42Middlebrook 7H10w/HuBlood20x125mm tube20/pk
Q61Bordet Gengou Deep20x150mm tube20/pk
U49TSA, 150ml8oz glass bottle20/pk
U356SabDex Agar, Emmons 400ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
Z037Thionin Acetate 1:100,00020ml20/pk
Z035Thionin Acetate 1:25,00020ml20/pk
Z036Thionin Acetate 1:50,00020ml20/pk
U252Lactose Broth w/L&T, 90ml90ml 8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
K180TSB w/Polymyxin B20x150mm tube20/pk
A66BXRose Agar (CNA+PEA)15x100mm plate 100/pk
U148Pot. Phos. Buffer,1L PL*1 Liter PP bottle10/pk
U113D/E Neutralizing Ag,300ml16oz bottle12/pk
U265Phos.Buff. w/MgCl, 500ml500ml PC bottle10/pk
U217Phosphate Buff w/MgCl, 1L1L PP bottle w/Shrink10/pk
CS100G15CryoSav Bruc. wGly 15%MicroTb.GrnCap100/pk
U174TSA w/Lec & Tween, 400ml500ml PC bottle 10/pk
U175Sabdex Agar w/L&T, 400ml500ml PC bottle10/pk
MHPC200Media Ampules, m-HPCAdvantek, 2ml50/pk
U203Lactobacilli MRS Broth500ml PP bottle10/pk
U168D/E Neutralizing Ag,400ml16 oz bottle 12/pk
U208Fluid A, 1L1L PP bottle10/pk
U245Lactose Broth 500ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U246Lactose Broth w/L&T 500ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U48Bolton Broth, 100ml125ml PP bottle12/pk
U94Potato Dextrose Agar4oz glass bottle,100ml20/pk
37178BHI-Brain Heart InfusionDifco, 500g (237500)Each
K67Fletcher's Media 5ml16x100mm tube20/pk
U195Phos. Buff. w/01% Tween250ml,500ml PP bottle10/pk
P13D/E Neut Agar,Ir,TripBag15x60mm contct plate20/pk
U361TSA, 500ml500ml PC bottle10/pk
K273Tetra Brillnt Grn Bile Br16x125mm tube,10ml20/pk
G124mEI Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
U138PBS,Phos Buffer Sal, 1LpH7.5,1L PP bottle10/pk
U391EE Broth, Mossel 100ml8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
X71Phosphate Buffer, 40ml2oz PP bottle25/pk
X46TB Digestant, RED2oz bottle25/pk
X37NNN Medium Base, 50ml2oz PP25/pk
X33Saline, 0.85%, 40ml50ml PP Cent tube25/pk
U205TSB, 50 ml DS8oz wide mouth jar12/pk
K104Buf. Peptone Water, 6mlPP Transport tube25/pk
U109Fluid A, USP, 100ml100ml bottle w/septum20/pk
U13Fluid A, 100ml4oz glass bottle20/pk
H91Yeast Nitrogen Agar Base15x150mm plate10/pk
K289Hajna TT Broth16x125mm tube20/pk
X95Middlebrook ADC Supplemnt2oz bottle,20ml10/pk
U233Buff.List.EnrichBrth BAM225ml,12oz wide mouth jar12/pk
Y141Urea R Broth,1ml13x100mm tube20/pk
W186BXBHIA w/Chlor & Gent. 36ml25x100mm plate50/pk
U981Serum Vial 20ml,Autoclvdneedle/port50/pk
U267TSB, 50ml USP100ml bottle w/septum20/pk
A125Blood Agar 5%, 45mlNalgene Omniplate10/pk
G106Modified m TEC Agar15x60mm plate10/pk
U182Sabdex Agar w/0.5%L&4%T80500ml PP bottle10/pk
D12Saline, 0.45%, 1.8ml12x75mm tube100/pk
U115Fluid D, USP, 1 literNarrow Mouth PP bottle10/pk
U269Fluid Thio 50ml100ml bottle w/septum20/pk
K161PBS 0.9ml11.75 x 75mm100/pk
U258R2A Agar, 100ml4oz glass bottle,100ml20/pk
U304Saline,0.9% w/Tween,100ml125ml PP bottle12/pk
W185BXBHIA w/ 5% SB, 37ml25x100mm plate50/pk
U352Sabdex Agar, 400ml16oz glass12/pk
U354R2A Agar, 400ml16oz glass bottle12/pk
U360TSA, 400ml16oz glass bottle12/pk
U412TSA w/L&T, 400 ml16oz glass bottle12/pk
U431Sabdex Agar w/L&T,400ml16oz glass bottle12/pk
U396Violet Red Bile Agr,400ml16oz glass bottle12/pk
U394Potato Dextrose Agr,400ml16oz glass bottle12/pk
U395Standard Methds Ag, 400ml16oz glass bottle12/pk
E129Chocolate Agar, 30mlNalgene Omniplate10/pk
U206Fluid K, USP, 1L1L PP bottle10/pk
MFC200Media Ampule, m-FCAdvantek, 2mlEach
EB2000Enrichment BrothHygiena, 100/pk
J32BXBlood Agar, 5%/MacConkey15x100 biplate100/pk
G352MacConkey AgarNalgene Omniplate10/pk
U82TSB, 15mlSerum Vial50/pk
U8210TSB, 10mlSerum Vial50/pk
U131Fraser Broth, 225ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U179Saline,0.9% w/Tween,700ml1L PP bottle10/pk
A129Columbia CNA AgarNalgene Omniplate R10/pk
U259DeI Water w/Tween 80 0.1%125ml PC bottle16/pk
U127TSB w/ 10% Glycerol 100mlSer bottle w/ Flip Seal20/pk
U275mEHEC, 675mls1L PC bottle10/pk
U209Fluid A, 200mlserum bottle21/pk
U218Synthetic Broth w/Glucose125ml PC bottle16/pk
D04Brucella Broth w/Glycerol15x45mm vial,2ml100/pk
D114BHI Broth w/15% Glycerol15x45mm vial,2ml100/pk
J62BXCNA Agar/MacConkey biplate15x100 biplate100/pk
50C5Isolator microbial tubeWampole,1.5ml,25 tubesEach
U67Tryptic Soy Broth, 1000mlPolyPro bottle10/pk
U44TSB, 50ml2oz glass bottle24/pk
G236SabDex Agar,30mlNalgene Omniplate10/pk
CSM100CryoSaver Skim MilkCryovial100/pk
U45Fluid Thio, 50ml2oz glass bottle24/pk
U240TSA w/Lec & Tween20 400ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U289Mod. BPW w/Pyruvate 1X500ml PP bottle10/pk
U318TAT Broth, 490ml1L PP bottle10/pk
A127Blood Agar, 5%, 30mlNalgene Omniplate10/pk
G246TSA, 30mlNalgene Omniplate10/pk
U353Sabdex Agar, 500ml500ml PC bottle10/pk
U189AK #2 Agar, 200ml8oz glass bottle12/pk
K380TSB, USP 20ml20x150mm tube 100/pk
U249Fluid A, 600ml,Septum Cap16oz glass media bottle10/pk
U33Tomato Juice Agar, 500ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
G239BCYE Agar 30mlNalgene Omniplate10/pk
U262PBS, 100mlpH7.5,125ml PP bottle12/pk
U147Fluid Thioglycollate, 1L1L PP bottle10/pk
U279mEHEC Broth 10001L PC bottle10/pk
K183BLEB Select Supp, 3.4ml16x100mm tube20/pk
Q80TSA 1.5X, USP 20ml20x150mm tube100/pk
U501Antibiotic Med 1500ml PC bottle10/pk
U508Antibiotic Med.8500ml PC bottle10/pk
U511Antibiotic Md.11500ml PC bottle10/pk
U532Antibiotic Md.32500ml PC bottle10/pk
U167Mod List Enrch Brth 225ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
225851Bordetella pertussis AgDifco,5ml, (Antigen)Each
U226Buff Beef Extr Br, 1000ml1L, PP bottle10/pk
D185Saline 0.85%, 1.8ml12x75mm100/pk
U60TSA, 700ml1L PP bottle10/pk
U242TSB, 400ml16oz glass bottle12/pk
U243TSB w/0.1% Tween80, 400ml16oz glass bottle12/pk
U301Buff. NaCl Peptone, EP500ml PP bottle10/pk
D08TSB w/15% Glycerol 100/pkCryovial 2ml w/NatCap100/pk
Q83SabDex Agar, USP 20ml20x150mm tube 100/bx100/pk
266810Bovine Albumin, 5%Difco,12x20mlEach
U349Fluid A 300ml USP500ml PC w/sept10/pk
U284Sterile DeI Water, 1L1L PC bottle10/pk
U251Mueller HintonBRw/LHB 2008oz bottleEach
U303Buffer No.3 USP500ml PC bottle10/pk
D21Choc. Agar Slant 100/pkCryovial w/Nat.Cap100/pk
Q81Rose Beng. w/Chlor. 1.5X20x150mm tube100/pk
U141Tryptic Soy Broth, 100ml125ml PC w/Septum16/pk
U73Sabdex Broth, 100ml125ml PC w/Septum16/pk
U121Fluid Thio Medium, 100mlPC bottle, Sep Cap16/pk
U308Rose Bengal Ag w/Chlor16oz glass bottle 12/pk
U25HEM Broth, 200ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
U51UVM Broth, 500ml500ml PP bottle10/pk
G354HardyCHROM UTI, 30mlNalgene Omniplate10/pk
Z146BXStrep B Carr kit100/pk
U165Tetrathionate Broth, 1L1L PP bottle10/pk
U83Bolton Broth, 225ml12oz wide mouth jar12/pk
CS100BNBCrySvr Brucellaw/GlycCryvial,Blucap,100/pk
U216Sulfate Reducing Brth, 1L1L PP Bottle10/pk
E130BXThayer Martin w/VCN15x100mm plate100/pk
G313BXHardyCHROM UTI15x100mm plate100/pk
U384Sterile Deionized Water1L PP bottle10/pk
U253Mueller Hinton Br,Cat Adj125ml PCw/SepC 16/pk
CS81BNBCrySvr Brucellaw/Glyc NBCryvial,Blucap81/pk
U229TSB w/L & T80, 500ml500ml, PP bottle10/pk
U250MH Broth w/3% LHB, 100ml125mlPCw/SepC16/pk
U172Reinforced Clostridial Md125ml bottle w/sept16/pk
Z144BXStrep B Kit13x85mm tubeEach
BB120Vial,Coliform Sample bottle*Lab Sup,120ml,w/Sod.ThioEach
U350TSB DS, 150ml500ml PC square 10/pk
U187Mycoplasma Broth, 1L1L PP BottleEach
U389Mod. BPW w/Pyruvate 2X250ml PP bottle12/pk
U317Lactose Brt w/L&T, 1000ml1L PP bottle10/pk
CS100BCrySvr Brucellaw/Glyc+BdCryvial,Blucap100/pk
U219Fluid Thio w/L&TSerum bottle,100ml20/pk
U76D/E Neutralizing Br 750ml1L PP bottle10/pk
U513SP4 Broth w/Urea, 500ml500ml PP bottle1/pk
U38Tryptic Soy Broth, 20mlSerum Vial50/pk
U68Fluid Thioglycollate,20mlSerum Vial50/pk
U66Fluid Thioglycollate,15mlSerum Vial50/pk
U6610Fluid Thioglycollate,10mlSerum Vial50/pk
U6612Fluid Thio, 12mlSerum Vial50/pk
U238Synthetic Broth w/Glucose500ml PC bottle10/pk
U307Buffer No.4 USP <81>500ml PP bottle10/pk
U319TAT Broth, 1000ml USP1L PC bottle10/pk
EB60KEnviroBootie120ml cup/lid60/pk
U149Nutrient Broth, 1L1L PC bottle10/pk
U271TSB, 400ml, with septum16oz glass bottle12/pk
U272Fluid Thioglycolate,400ml16oz glass bottle w/septm12/pk
U273Fluid Thioglycolate,500ml500ml bottle w/septum12/pk
U274TSB, 500ml500ml bottle w/septum12/pk
CSMG100Skim Milk w/GlycerolCryovial,100/box100/pk
CSMG101Skim Milk w/Glyc., Mod.Cryovial,100/box 100/pk
CS100GCrySvr Brucellaw/Glyc+BdCryvial,Grncap100/pk
CS100NCrySvr Brucellaw/Glyc+BdCryvial,Ntlcap100/pk
CS100RCrySvr Brucellaw/Glyc+BdCryvial,Redcap100/pk
CS100YCrySvr Brucellaw/Glyc+BdCryvial,Ylwcap100/pk
50C7Isolator microbial tubeWampole,10ml,25 tubesEach
U236HardyCHROM ECC DS125ml PC bottle10/pk
U129Brucella w/10% Glycerol4oz BostonRound Bottle20/pk
46000013Colitag Test MediaCPI Intl,100/pk
Q82Rose Beng. w/Chloram.20x150mm tube100/pk
H64TSA, Irr, USP, Triple Bag15x150mm 4/Bag72/pk
G07BXBCYE Agar15x100mm plate100/pk
TB100TB MODS Kit100 tests/KitEach
R138Lyse Dx, Trans tube5ml100/pk
G08BXBCYE Selective Agar w/CAV15x100mm plate100/pk
4345111MGIT TubeBD,25/bx (245111)Each
102003InPouch TV, T. vaginalisBiomed,100 testsEach
U188PPLO Selective Broth500ml PP bottle 10/pk
U26SP4 Brth w/Arginine,100ml125ml PC bottle16/pk