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The CalibrexTM line includes a large selection of robust dosing instruments with excellent chemical resistance, high performance and simplified maintenance. Intended for the safe and reproducible liquid distribution in volumes ranging from 0.1 mL to 100 mL.

Choose from three different models:

Universal: CalibrexTM universal 520 has a PFA coated plunger preventing the crystallization of chemicals. Made of high-tech materials, it provides for broad chemical resistance and is universally adapted for most laboratory reagents.

Organo: CalibrexTM organo 525 includes a ground glass or ceramic plunger, both suited for
organics and non-crystallizing acid and base solutions.

Solutae: CalibrexTM solutae 530 has a glass or ceramic PFA coated plunger preventing
the crystallization of chemicals. It enables trouble free distribution of salt solutions, weak and strong acids, as well as bases.

The CalibrexTM line features:

• Selection between three different models
• Colour coding identification
• Integrated calibration key
• Long lasting performance stability
• QR coded chemical compatibility
• Quick disassembling, no tool needed
• Autoclavable at 121o C fully assembled