Pathogen Detection System

The 3M Molecular Detection System is powered by an innovative combination of unique technologies — Isothermal DNA Amplification and Bioluminescence detection — to provide a solution that is fast, accurate, easy-to-use and affordable.It’s pathogen testing made pure and simple.


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A compact system designed purely for superior testing. Each streamlined component works together to optimize performance with features that save time, increase productivity and assure accuracy.



The 3M Molecular Detection System uses multiple, specific primers targeting distinct regions of the genome, combined with real-time detection of the amplification, to deliver sensitive and specific results.

Continuous amplification by a unique, high-fidelity DNA polymerase makes our system less prone to matrix interference. This was designed to help you perform fewer repeat tests and make critical decisions faster.


Our system makes testing easy, increasing technician productivity and efficiency. All you need is an enriched sample, a laptop and the 3M Molecular Detection System. Using a DNA polymerase that is tolerant to low-quality DNA samples allows for a simple assay set-up with fewer steps.

Your lab can even test and display results for multiple organisms in a single run. The simplicity and robustness of our technology combine to deliver a low-cost instrument with minimal maintenance requirements and less downtime for your lab.


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How does it work?

The 3M Molecular Detection System uses multiple primers to recognize distinct regions of the genome and Bst DNA polymerase to provide continuous and rapid amplification of genetic material.

Pyrophosphate ions (PPi), a by-product of the targeted DNA amplification reaction, and APS, are enzymatically converted into ATP by ATP-Sulfurylase. ATP reacts with luciferase to produce light which is detected indicating the presence of target organism DNA.

Both amplification and detection occur simultaneously and continuously during the exponential phase providing real time results and a short run time.


The science may be complex, but using the system is simple. With the same protocol for each assay and fewer steps than most tests, our system makes it easy to train employees. Color-coded assay tubes with matching software screens deliver a simple, easy-to-use process. Testing different pathogens uses the same process, reducing repetitive tasks for less chance of human error. Plus, our low-maintenance system alerts the operator if it self-detects a malfunction or failure.

How to use?

A Streamlined Solution

  • Multiple, specific primers target distinct regions of the genome resulting in more efficient amplification of target DNA and accurate results

  • Best DNA polymerase is less susceptible to inhibiting substances found in food samples than other polymerases

  • DNA is amplified continuously under isothermal conditions limiting the possible interference of the template or DNA polymerase by inhibitors found in food samples

  • Detection occurs during the exponential phase of amplification enhancing specificity

  • Bioluminescence detection has a better signal-to-noise ratio than fluorescence and is not affected by interference from fluorophores that can be present in some foods (ex. food dyes, acriflavin in enrichment media, etc.)
  • Fast and Simple
  • The continuous DNA strand displacement process enables efficient and rapid amplification of DNA

  • Bioluminescence provides real-time detection of the DNA amplification AND simultaneous amplification and detection allows for detection of positive results before the end of the run

  • The DNA polymerase is robust and tolerant to low-quality DNA allowing a simple sample preparation and an assay set up with fewer steps

  • Bioluminescence has a better signal-to-noise ratio than fluorescence and is not affected by interference from other fluorophores making the process more robust and allowing the same procedure to be followed for all assays

  • Because the DNA amplification is detected via bioluminescence, the 3M Molecular Detection System offers the unique use of color-coded assay tubes to differentiate pathogen assays

  • Cost Effective
  • Isothermal DNA amplification proceeds at a constant temperature, removing the need for complicated instrumentation

  • Bioluminescence detection eliminates the need for high-cost excitation sources, fluorophores, fluorescent filters and detectors resulting in a robust instrument with minimal maintenance requirements

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