Gas Burners

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Safety enhanced laboratory gas burner with touch free IR-sensor and button function.

Innovative technology that thinks with you !
Fuego SCS with new functions & graphic display.

The Fuego SCS represents a new status among laboratory gas burners. The Fuego SCS provides maximum safety and highest convenience for all flame-related applications in the laboratory.

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More convenience through the graphic display
The animated and high-contrast graphic display can be easily read under all lighting conditions due to the blue background illumination.The self-explanatory, language-less symbol menu facilitates a rapid selection of all functions. The display is not in your line of sight? Acoustic signals additionally aid the user.

Cooling time reminder for inoculation loops The precisely adjustable, exact to the second, cooling time reminder aids you in exactly complying with the required cooling period of inoculation loops.

Zero-pressure shut off The zero-pressure shut-down provides additional safety at the end of work. With it the residual pressure is released from the connection hose and the gas hose's service life is increased.

Temperature regulation for heating media
With the new temperature regulation system and an optional temperature sensor, the laboratory gas burner becomes a temperature-control station.

Gas consumption display
No new cartridge at hand? The new gas consumption display reminds you to have a fresh gas cartridge on hand in a timely manner.

Flexible & individual by selecting user account
The Fuego SCS has to 2 user accounts and saves all safety settings, burning times and other parameters for individual and flexible use.

Graphical installatin instructions
Graphic installation and operating instructions at the first switch-on facilitate the initial start-up.


Gas safety adaptor for Coleman 465g gas tank

The Fuego burners can be hooked up to a central gas supply or to a standalone gas tank such as the Coleman 465g cartridges for maximum flexibility. It features an integrated pressure regulator, shut-off valve, gas leak protection and .5m of special gas tubing. It also includes a green safety collar to stabilize the gas tank on the work bench.