Spiral Plater

Bacterial enumeration made easy. Our spiral platers are the most economical way to perform microorganism enumeration. By delivering speed and performance this easy to use interface will bring high-level automation at low operating cost.

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The Spiral® method is intended to automate the routine work of bacterial enumeration. A logarithmically decreasing volume of sample is dispensed on the surface of a rotating Petri dish in an Archimedes spiral, and the volume is calibrated and known at every point of the Petri dish. This technique allows plating on a single Petri dish without serial dilutions.

Since the spiral method was patented in 1992, the Spiral® automatic platers have been a reference for applications in food microbiology, medical bacteriology, research on food preservatives or cosmetological factors in compliance with the AFNOR V08-100 and ISO 7218 standards. The instrument is available in 2 versions to fit either semi automated laboratories, or fully automated laboratories using bar coded Petri dishes and PC connectivity to spreadsheets or LIMS.
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The easyspiral fits every day needs on standard 90 mm Petri dishes.
25 seconds for a full cycle (disinfection, sample-taking and plating)
2 preset plating modes
Revolutionary rotating arm with high-speed movement (Patented)
10 Petri dishes plated in less than 2 minutes (with the same sample)

  Easy Spiral
Easy Spiral Pro
  High Technology Automatic Spiral® sample plater Automatic bacterial plater with full traceability
Petri dish plate diameter 90 mm 90 and 150 mm (65 mm in option)
Excel Export, LIMS and barcode connection via PC
Monitoring software with traceability system