A revolutionary new technology for the processing of food samples for microbiological analysis

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The Pulsifier is a new alternative to paddle type blenders for sample preparation. The unit incorporates an oscillating ring as opposed to paddles. In most food types, pulsification has shown to be less destructive to the sample, producing lower concentrations of debris, which benefits the user in a number of ways. Certain inhibitory compounds can be released during mastication which can interfere with PCR and biochemical ID tests.

This will also produce less interference during plating, counting, pipetting and filtration of samples. The unit incorporates an oscillating ring which cycles at 3000 rpm. A 400 ml sample bag is placed onto this oscillating ring, producing a combination of shockwaves and intense stirring which drives the microbes into suspension. This method has been proven to recover organisms at the same rate as paddle type blenders.

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  • Robust, easily cleaned, light weight acrylic case.
  • Safety switch turns unit off when the front door is opened.
  • Door totally sealed when closed.
  • Transparent observation window built into the door.
  • Easy clean internal compartment.
  • Programmable processing times.
  • Cycle choice and status displayed on LCD.
  • Light weight construction, total weight 8.5kg.
  • Small bench-top footprint (32 x 46cm)
  • No maintenance required.
  • Available as in 240V and 110V formats.
Power supply 110V; 50/60Hz
Dimensions 460 x 320 x 320 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 8.5 kg
Bag size 400ml