Serial Dilution System

A new way of handling serial dilutions of bacteriological samples. This new concept makes serial dilutions easier, faster and more cost efficient.

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Dilucup – a new way of handling serial dilutions of bacteriological samples.

LabRobot Products AB has developed a new concept that makes serial dilutions easier, faster and more cost efficient. Today, the most normal way of diluting a bacteriological sample in 1:10, 1:100, 1:1000 etc., is to prepare own test tubes. These tubes are filled with a diluting media, for example pepton + salt. The tubes are sterilized by using an autoclave and then stored in a refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth. After used, the tubes are cleaned in order to be ready to be filled again. To prepare and fill test tubes for serial dilution is both time consuming and expensive.

The Dilucup Concept

Dilucup is a unique prefilled container with a sterile diluting media used in combination with a special shaker, the Dilushaker. Compared to normal dilution tubes the timesaving is at least 10 seconds/dilution step when using Dilucup. The Dilucup is manufactured under controlled conditions and sterilized by gamma radiation. This guarantees a high quality standard. All Dilucups are supplied with a quality certificate.

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The Dilucup is delivered in blisters of rows of either 3 or 6 containers, each filled with 9 ml diluting media. It is easy to separate the number of Dilucups needed. The Dilucups are placed on the tray of the Dilushaker, (there are two standard tray models; one for 21 and another for 42 Dilucups). The Dilucups are opened by tearing off the film covering the holes in the lids. When the Dilushaker is turned on, the liquid in all Dilucups rotates. A sample of 1 ml is added to the first cup and is instantly mixed with the media. After changing the pipette tip, 1 ml of sample is withdrawn from the first cup and added to the second. With the Dilushaker operating the process is repeated until the required dilution factor is achieved. The Dilucup is today patented in Europe plus USA and has pending patents in other countries.


The recipe complies with the Compendium of Methods for Microbiological Analysis of Health Canada

  Composition (per liter):
Peptones 1,0g
pH 7,0 +/-0,2 at 25°C
Volume per cup 9 mL +/- 2 %
Sterilization Gamma radiation > 25kGy
Material of the cups PET (recyclable)
Expiry date When unopened 9 months after production
Storage Unopened: +2 to +25oC.
+2 to +8oC when the box is open
Packaging The cups are delivered in blisters of 7 pre-cut rows of 3 cups (40DCEP3) or 6 cups (40DCEP6). Each box contains 420 cups
Weight and volume 5,3 kg/box - 0,019 m3/box

The advantages of the Dilucup

  • Cost saving
  • Calculating all costs for producing own dilution tubes the cost saving by using Dilucup will be considerable.

  • Time saving
  • The time it takes to make a dilution using Dilucup is more or less dependent on how fast one can change pipette tips – no more moving of tubes back and forth to the vortex mixer. The calculated timesaving is approximately 10 seconds/tube compared to the traditional method.

  • Preventing working injuries
  • Holding the tube while it shakes on the Vortex mixer and moving it back and forth can cause severe working injuries.

  • Increased quality
  • The dilution process is standardized and consistent, (same time and speed for all dilutions). By using high precision filling machines, gamma sterilization, and an accurate quality control, a higher quality product can be guaranteed. The Dilucups are supplied with a quality certificate.

  • Easy to store and long durability
  • The sealed Dilucup boxes can be stored at normal room temperature during 12 months. When opened, the package with the dilucups will no longer have the original expiring date and must therefore be kept in a fridge no longer than 2 months. The original volume of media in the cups will change if the package is kept open and at normal room temperature.

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