Memmert develops cooled vacuum oven

As the first manufacturer worldwide, Memmert has developed a cooled vacuum oven. Low temperature vacuum drying on a laboratory scale is applied among other things during the drying of bacteria and starter cultures or in the simulation of storage conditions during long distance flights.

The cooled vacuum oven VO 200cool with its interior volume of 29 litres has a temperature range of +5 °C to +90 °. For cooling purposes, a compact, energy-saving and extremely precise Peltier cooling unit was integrated. This way, the Memmert cooled vacuum oven achieves a surface temperature distribution over its entire temperature range with a deviation of max. +/-1 K.

Gentle low temperature vacuum drying and storage of micro-organisms or active pharmaceutical components is particularly applied in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to this process, unstable substances can be dried at moderate temperatures above zero without causing too much damage to the cell structure. Additionally, the cooled vacuum oven VOcool from Memmert can be deployed to easily and cost-effectively simulate storage and transport of pharmaceutical products during intercontinental flights.

Memmert climate chamber ICH with CO2 control

The climate chamber with CO2 and humidity control expands the Memmert portfolio by a multitude of new applications.

Thanks to a combination of temperature, humidity and digital CO2 control, the 256C model can also be universally applied for building material tests or for applications in the field of cell biology that require temperatures below room temperature.

The climate chamber covers a temperature range of -10 °C to +60 °C without humidity and from +10 °C to +60 °C with humidity. Active humidification and de-humidification can be set between 10 and 80% rh. The electronic CO2 control with automatic zero setting (NDIR measuring system) in the ICH 256C ensures an absolutely precise CO2 atmosphere from 0 to 20 % with an adjustment precision of 0.1 %. CO2 is introduced via a sterile filter.

The ICH series is completed by the climate chamber ICH 256 for stability tests of pharmaceuticals, as well as the ICH 256L with an illumination unit in accordance with ICH Q1B, option 2.

New!! All Memmert appliances now hold a 3 Year limited warranty

Memmert has a problem, the appliances last too long.“ We often hear these words from our customers, said with the wink of an eye. We, however, do not regard this as a problem, but take it as one of the greatest compliments that could be paid to us. It just confirms the fact that outstanding quality is the basis for the trust and loyalty of our customers and users.

We would like to thank you for showing us this trust. From March 1st, 2011, we are therefore extending the guarantee period for our appliances to three years worldwide. Standard wear-and-tear parts, such as seals, light sources, filters or pump membranes are excluded.

New Validation Specialist

Blainville, QC, November 10th, 2010 – Innovation Diagnostics Inc. is pleased to announce that Mr. Jacques Pilon has joined the Company as Validation Coordinator to lead our newly established instrument validation initiative.

Jacques has an impressive track record and is a recognized leader in the field of system and process validation. Prior to his appointment with Innovation Diagnostics, Jacques worked in various Pharmaceutical and Contract Manufacturing Companies (CMO) where he successfully implemented validation processes and participated in the setup of highly regulated manufacturing facilities.

Over and above his involvement in the validation field, Jacques will be offering consulting services, on-site validation of systems and processes and a full range of products particularly in the field of thermo-regulated appliances, temperature monitoring systems and environmental monitoring.

New Technical Specialist

Innovation Diagnostics Inc. is pleased to announce that Mr. François Francoeur has joined the Company as Technical Specialist to support our growing numbers of customers particularly in the field of Rapid Pathogen Detection.

Prior to joining Innovation Diagnostics Inc., Mr. Francoeur was Technical Specialist with AES Chemunex and Warnex Diagnostics also in the field of Rapid Pathogen Detection.

Mr. Francoeur holds a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Québec,Trois-Rivières (UQTR) and a MBA from Laval University.

AgraStrip Allergens

New to our range of products:

The AgraStrip® Allergen kits, based on Lateral FLow Device technology, were developed by ifp. These sensitive and specific tests can be used as laboratory test or with a simplified protocol on-site at production lines, etc. Using the AgraStrip® devices, traces of potential allergens can be found at different production steps or in the final products, allowing an efficient monitoring of critical control points in a HACCP scheme or any other quality management system.

Customising the Memmert Vacuum oven to your own requirements

The new standard model of the Memmert VO vacuum oven excels with lean perfection, but top precision. With freely selectable options it can be customised for a wide variety of requirements in applications such as curing, storing, conditioning, degassing or ageing.

From February 2011, Memmert is offering an attractively priced standard model of the VO vacuum oven transforming it into an ideal customised appliance with freely selectable options.

Even in its standard version, the VO vacuum oven provides unbeatable precision and speed! Digital pressure control for programming vacuum cycles, as well as directly heated thermoshelves, guarantee maximum time savings in the standard version, even for complex drying processes.